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METAL HISTORY: Rare live picture of Vengeance Rising, during Released Upon the Earth tour 1992

Vengeance Rising 1992: Daniel Cordova (guitar), Mike Wagel (bass), George Ochoa (guitar), and Roger Martinez (vocals). Drummer Johnny Vasquez is hidden behind George Ochoa and Martinez.
Vengeance Rising is one of the legendary bands of Christian thrash-metal. At the time of the release of their debut album Human Sacrifice in 1988 they were the most aggressive Christian band ever up to that date. The band released four albums: Human Sacrifice (1988), Once Dead (1990), Destruction Comes (1991), and Released Upon The Earth (1992).

Vengeance Rising on Wikipedia:
Vengeance Rising was an American Christian thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. Fronted by vocalist Roger Martinez, they originally formed as Vengeance in 1987, but changed their name in 1989 to avoid conflict with another band from the Netherlands. Band members Larry Farkas, Doug Thieme, Roger Dale Martin, and Glenn Mancaruso left following Once Dead and formed the band Die Happy. Roger Martinez stayed on to record two more studio albums, but aside from him, Vengeance Rising's lineup changed for each subsequent album. While the group was a ground breaking Christian metal band, today Vengeance Rising is known for vocalist Martinez's turning from Christianity to Satanism to atheism, since he has continuously done interviews about it. AllMusic describes Vengeance Rising's history as "one of the most entertaining and bizarre stories in the realm of heavy metal.

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Vengeance Rising 1992 line-up, with Roger Martinez in the centre.
Vengeance Rising 1988-90 line-up
Vengeance Rising 1988-90 line-up

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