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CD REVIEW: Rise Of Avernus Debut Album L’Appel Du Vide by Collin Brophy

Hailing from Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, RISE OF AVERNUS is quickly becoming a well known entity throughout the Australian metal scene.

Within the short time frame since the release of their debut EP in 2012, RISE OF AVERNUS have relentlessly toured around the country sharing the stage with bands such as APOCOLYPTICA, MNEMIC and recently supported ENSLAVED on their first ever national tour of Australia.

Performing a unique style of music stemming for many different genres, the band can best be described as "Orchestral, Progressive Doom Metal”.

2013 brought about the bands debut album, “L’Appel Du Vide”, which includes the songs, A Triptych Journey, The Mire, Disenchanted, L'appel Du Vide, Ethereal Blindness, Embrace The Mayhem, An Somnium and As Soleness Recedes.
I came across ROA quite a few years ago.  They had brought out their debut EP in 2012 which was a very good EP.   2013 brought about the release of L’Appel Du Vide.  This is a huge leap from their 2012 EP. The sound quality and production on the album is amazing.  ROA have made a masterpiece of Doom Metal.

The vocals on this album are brilliant, from soothing to haunting, taking you on a journey through out the whole album. It’s really hard to pick a favorite among all these great songs, but if I had to choose, it would be “Embrace The Mayhem”.  The genius idea of mixing in the saxophone within the mix is just amazing. This is what a Doom Metal album should sound like, one minute your up, the next down, this is some of the best vocals I have heard on a Doom Metal album in a very long time.

I new what ROA were capable of, but even this has shocked me at how amazing this album is. ROA are going places, and I for one am very happy for them as they have worked really hard over the last few years to be where they are today, lots of travelling and local gigs, as well as supports for some of the best international bands going around and next year for Rotting Christ. I am hoping that they get the chance to travel overseas to show the rest of the world just how amazing they really are.

Band members, Ben Vanvollenhoven - Vocals & Guitar, Cat Guirguis - Vocals & Keyboard, Andrew Craig - Drums & Percussion, Matthew Bell - Guitar & Orchestral arrangements and Daniel Warrington - Bass & Vocals.  All members should be very proud of making, in my opinion, one of the best albums I have heard this year, not only from Australian band, but from an international level.

If you are a fan of Katatonia, Paradise Lost or My Dying Bride, then ROA are right up with these guys. ROA is one of Australia’s best Doom Metal bands going around. I would recommend checking ROA out … you won’t be disappointed!

Published by Collin Brophy (21/12/2013)

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