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BAND INTERVIEW: Internal Nightmare (Aus), by Collin Brophy (Feb 2014)

Q. Hi. How is everyone in the IN camp?

A. Very well man! Thanks for asking!

Q. What have you guys in been up to lately?

A. Well after releasing our debut album and playing a ton of shows in 2013, we decided to have a couple of weeks off to recharge and refocus for this coming year, 2014. It’s been nice to just kick back for a little while and enjoy the holiday period.

Q. What is the metal scene like down in Melbourne?

A. It’s great man. So many amazing bands and although there can be too much on all at once sometimes, the turnouts and support are generally great across the board.

Q. Australia has some truly talented metal bands around at the moment, how would you rate them up there against some of the bigger know international bands?

A. Man we have some world class bands here for sure! Unfortunately there seems to be this opinion among general fans that local bands are all shit so they don’t bother rocking up to gigs of overseas bands until it’s time for them to start, yet they forget that even the international bands they have paid good money to see have also once been local bands trying to make a name for themselves. It is a shame, but there are definitely some bands that have made waves overseas and then also here that get the respect and recognition they deserve. It can be a very hard market though in Australia it seems.

Q. How has your album been received by the fans? Any feedback from the fans on the album?
A. It’s been received really well! After roughly 6 years as a band it was amazing to finally get it out there! We’ve had some great feedback on it actually and it’s always nice when you get compliments on your playing from other players you respect and admire.

Q. What kinds of things inspire you musically and lyrically? Are there any types of themes that you like to write about and incorporate into your music? Is there any message in your music that you are trying to get out there?

A. I guess personally it’s anything I feel strongly about or that I feel I need to get out for therapeutic purposes. It can be incredibly cathartic to inject whatever it is that’s goes on in your mind into your art and out into the world in this way. I guess it’s the way I see and feel the world. A social commentary on what I see in my life, the shit that I have been through and dragged with me and my interpretation of it all and my beliefs and observations from where I was to where I am now. I am a constant observer and analyzer of the things around me and particularly human behavior, and the age old and eternal question ‘What makes people do what they do?’, so I’ll sometimes try and get people to perhaps look at these situations a little bit deeper than just the perception level to see what else may be behind it. This is something I learn to do all the time. That area of study is something I just can’t get enough of.

Also I might inject themes of rising up and empowering people to pull themselves up out of their situation as I am very passionate about empowering people to take control of their lives and letting them know that they can change their lives for the better. I can also be quite anti-authoritarian as well so these references and themes of not being dictated to or told how to live or told what or who you are definitely come through, even just in my everyday conversation if you spend any time talking to me.

Q. How did you come up with the album name, and the album cover? Who was the artist that did the cover, and why have 2 different album covers?

A. I believe Paul came up with name “Chaos Reborn” actually but I can’t be certain, ha-ha. It signified the end of an old Internal Nightmare era and the birth of a new era, with new lineup, new songs and a new style. I came up with the main album cover theme of a person sitting in amongst chaos while still remaining strong, powerful and centered because it represented to me exactly what I had to be during the rebirthing period, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this interview. It also signifies where I am in my life today and where I am heading as opposed to where I used to be. The artwork and concept means a lot to me and it’s currently being tattooed on my back.

The reason for the 2 covers was to let the fans choose whether they wanted the more spiritual cover or the brutal cover because we wanted to have a bit of both as well. It seemed to go down well! Although sometimes people think they are 2 different CD’s, ha-ha. We could be making double the profit, ha-ha.

We got Brent and Bam Bam from QWAK Art in Melbourne to do the designs for us and they nailed exactly what we were going for! We get lots of comments on the artwork....their work is incredible!

Q. Do all of the band members have a say in the writing process of the music and lyrics?

A. Paul (bass player/vocalist) and I will generally have a full song written musically that we bring in, or a full set of lyrics and we’ll kind of just get together and run through it as a band after it’s already been demoed on Powertab or through a rough recording. Sometimes though it may sound good on CD or Powertab as a demo but once we get in and play the song as a band we may realize that we need to tweak the structure or add sections depending on the flow of the track and how it sounds and feels to actually play together. We really don’t do the whole ‘just get into a room and jam and see what comes out’. I find it quite counterproductive for us and quite time-consuming with generally no result or outcome. The ‘play with stuff until you have a full song and we’ll go from there’ seems to be the best way for us.

Q. IN recently played the Death / Chuck Schuldiner tribute show, how did you become involved, and what was it like to be involved in such a moving and emotional show like that?

A. It was incredible! Such a great vibe and cool crowd! We’d been talking about getting back up to Sydney again for a while and had been talking to a mate about it and he got in contact with the promoter of the Chuck show about us jumping on the bill and we couldn’t have said yes any quicker! They got shirts done and everything and with our band name on the back is makes an awesome memento!

Q. What does the future hold for IN?

A. More albums, more shows, more videos. An overseas tour this year would be nice, as well as getting to some of the places we haven’t been to in Oz yet.

Q. Thank you for your time for this interview.

A. Anytime man! Thanks so much for the questions. I had a blast picking apart my own thought processes which I incorporate into my band’s art and every day life. It’s not until you get asked stuff like this that you really become aware of exactly what drives you. It was fun.....

Interviewed by Collin Brophy, February 2014

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