Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CD REVIEW: Review of Asphyxiate, "Self Transform from Decayed Flesh", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

ASPHYXIATE-Self Transform from Decayed Flesh (New Standard Elite)
The Indonesian gods Asphyxiate are back to reveal their third and f***ing long awaited full length album entitled " Self Transform from Decayed Flesh"! F***ing true to their roots of pure brutality, Asphyxiate performs another Brutal Death F***ing Metal of high level of sickness with totally f***ing crazy riffs, blastbeats, with a superior production that gives this album to be ranked among the f***ing best! The band consists of Josh (Guitars/Vocals), Adi (Bass), Yogi (Drums) and the trio deliver an excellent f***ing job f***ing intelligently composed in a genius f***ing way! The riffs of that third bomb are all f***ing excellent and greatly played, we can say the same for the bass that brings its personal touch and the production which gives it an essential side, the vocals is also f***ing awesome, it could be a bit more guttural but still f***ing great and fit perfectly with the style of "Self Transform from Decayed Flesh"! The production of this album is perfect, the mixing is ingeniously made, the sound is also f***ing great maybe lacking a bit of heavy tones but this CD sounds like a real f***ing ton of bricks filled with f***ing shit! Its an addiction to all those appropriating this f***king shit because its a f***ing piece of sickness of high quality that can easily be compared with the f***ing best albums of the brutal scene! Get it or kill you! Perfect F***ing Piece of Sick Shit! 10/10
[by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and used here with his kind written permission. Censored by Jack Frost so all you sick people can still read Busuk Webzine at your school, factory, office, public library, and university campus!!]

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