Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CD REVIEW: Tenggorokan, "I Kill You or You Kill Me", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

Tenggorokan - I Kill You or You Kill Me (Wretched Decay Records)

From the brutal Indonesia, Tenggorokan shit us their first full length f***ing shit entitled ''I Kill You or You Kill Me'' and we could say that they continue in the same way as their EP in 2011, Brutal Death F**ing Metal at its f***ing best! Let me start by saying that Tenggorokan gives us a very f***ing killer album and really excel in all aspects or almost, all the riffs are f***ing sick with a completely inhuman drums and the vocals that could rather be described between the Death Metal and Brutal Death! This band is composed of Rangga (Septicemia) on guitars, Rizwan on bass, Viky on vocals and the powerful Yahnes (Ex-Hatestroke) on drums, the four sickers did a damn excellent job on a completely f***ing devastating release with influences Death Metal! The sound of this crap is totally f***ing perfect, all aspects sound like bombs, the drums sounds is just so f***ing awesome and the guitar is amazing too, the production is a success and not to mention the mixing, which is also flawless ! ''I Kill You or You Kill Me'' is for me a complete success of sickness except the song ''Destroy in Hell'' that I found very f***ing boring and without brutality but all the other songs contain elements necessary for a disk of genius! This is obviously a CD that any fans of Death Metal must possess and this shit will be available very f***ing soon! Awesome Killer F***ing Shit! 9.5/10

[by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and used here with his kind written permission.]

Tenggorokan with Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine) @ Dhoho TV Kediri, 25/1/14

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