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CONCERT REVIEW: Busuk Extreme Metal Fest #2, Balikpapan, East Borneo, 2/2/2014, by Michael Mifsud

Michael Mifsud (second left) with John Yoedi's father, stepmother and sister 

Busuk Extreme Metal Fest, Tribute to John Yoedi.

I want to tell you about my holiday to Balikpapan on the 1st of Feb to the 5th of Feb. I left Melbourne, Australia at 10:50am a flight to Jakarta flying Garuda Indonesia, Well of course Melbourne is 4 hours in front of Jakarta, so had set the watch back to 6:50am. We arrived in Jakarta at 2pm and had to transit for 3 hours to Balikpapan. Arriving in Balikpapan about 8:30pm. Yudiansyah good friends Reza, Edmond and his wife Miko met me at the airport, Dyan couldn’t be there as he was preparing for the music tribute the next day.

Sunday morning was the day of Yudi’s tribute I knew I had to be there for him, because we was the best of friends, and when I heard the passing of my best friend, I was so much in shock and I had to say my final goodbye to him and I knew that when Dyan and Edmond told me they are putting on a tribute for him I just needed to come over then.

Well Edmond came to pick me up at 9am Sunday morning and took me to the cemetery where Yudi is buried, I brought a small Australian flag with me because I knew Yudi love Australia, with Motor GP Casey Stoner, his good friend the football player Robbie Gasper. When we arrived at the cemetery Edmond asked if I wanted to buy flower pedals and water for Yudi of course I would do that. So he took me to where Yudi was. I was there for a while as I needed to talk to him, I am not a spiritual person but I can feel him around me sometimes. Well I stayed there for 20 minutes to finally let him be free in peace and I put the flag next to the wooden headstone. It was very emotional but I knew he was pulling his tongue out at me and laughing with his big smile.

After saying goodbye to Yudi I took a taxi to Balikpapan studio where the tribute would be held for the day. I finally got the chance to meet Yudi's best friend Dyan, I had to give him a hug because that is what we do here in Australia. Well the music started and all that, I have never heard music like that before, I only heard Yudi singing in Depraved - he had a video clip on his old laptop. Well anyway the buzz was awesome. I have now got a favorite band in Balikpapan and that is Teralist, with Raka Othoy as vocalist, before coming over to Balikpapan I never heard metal music so I searched on YouTube and only Teralist was there to watch and I watched it so many times. I quite enjoyed watching them especially the sound of their music and how Raka gets the young crowd head banging, I am not a head banger myself but love to watch them head bang and have fun.

Well there were so many bands playing there that day and so many people wanting to take my photo with me nearly everyone that went to the tribute wanted one. They had a few breaks and a few bands then they all prayed for Yudi, and then they played the video I designed just for Yudi. It was just for me to watch until people told Edmond and me they love the video memory of my best friend Yudiansyah.

Well it all finished at 5pm and I just want to say a big THANK YOU for Dyan for the hard work that he has done to get this tribute on the ground for our brother.

The next day was very emotional day for me. I went to Yudi's house and met the father and stepmother and Yudi sister and nephew. I also met Yudi brother somewhere else. Well I got to see Yudi's bedroom and I just remember where he used to sit and chat to me on his computer, his motorcycle, his collection of clothes and especially the collection of all his Australian memorabilia I sent him throughout the years. His father is making up another room down the back of the house where all Yudi's things will be, not touched. Also I went to his Busuk Metal Shop, thank God his sister and friend Dyan will still run the shop. 

The next day was time to go home, I did a few bits of shopping to bring back to Melbourne, then off home.

I would like to say a big thank you for my new family in Balikpapan. Dyan, Roni, Edmond and wife Miko. Thanks to Jalio, and Donny for coming over to the hotel and telling me how Yudi inspired you into music. One big thank you to my new best friend Reza who showed me a little bit of Balikpapan and being there to help me through these hard times. 

I will be back in Balikpapan again because it is now my second home [by Michael Mifsud, 6 February 2014].

Busuk Extreme Metal Fest #2
Dyan, Michael, Edmond, Miko & Reza @ Busuk Metalshop

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