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CONCERT REVIEW: Review of Nemesis / Kaluman / Rotten to the Core / Amora Savage, Bandung, 23 January 2014, by Sendy (Nemesis Guitarist)

This is the final song by Nemesis, the cover of "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden - and everyone in the crowd really enjoyed this. Sendy (Nemesis Guitarist) is middle in the back row and Nemesis vocalist Ilham is in the centre (in front of Sendy). Amora Savage Guitarist Karkash is at bottom row far left and Amora Savage Vocalist Riko is next to him (white beanie, facing back).
Enigma Alliance. January, 23 2014

I was really excited for this event because I thought before the event that it would be fun and one of greatest times in my life ever. Enigma Alliance was an event created by Nemesis themselves. The purpose of this event was that Nemesis wanted to give a special gift to all people who always support us from the beginning until now. So for me and other Nemesis membe
rs this event is time to meet a lot of friends, bands and people who love Nemesis, to share with each other and just to have fun together. 

The event started at 5.00 PM and it was opened by Spiral Spectrum that really hit the stage. I really love this band because they have different music, like progressive and djent, I think this band is going to be the next great metal band in the future. 

And the second band was Amora Savage, this band reminds me of Kreator mixed with modern metal stuff and they’re amazing. Guitar shreed and vocal textures were totally awesome, and they’re preparing the first EP that will be released soon. This band really hit us that night. Next performance was Kick It Out, they have one album called Seruan Pembuas. Hardcore music with powerful lyrics, and the only thing I can say is that this band is really great. And then the one and only Rotten To The Core on the stage, the veteran punk rock band since 1992. When I was still a kid my brother told me about Rotten To The Core was the best band, and then now Nemesis and Rotten To The Core are on one stage, it’s our second stage together in Enigma Alliance, and for me it’s an honour, they gave a really great vibe to Enigma Alliance. Rotten To The Core had a problem with the guitar, so they had to fix it in the middle of the show, but everything was fine. 

After Rotten To The Core, Kaluman was on stage and you know what, the brutal death metal hit the stage, powerful riff, really fast drumming and the killer vocal too, this band was totally awesome. After their performance, a policeman went up to the stage and said “Don’t be too much brutal in the crowd”, but I think the crowd was okay, people just wanted to have fun and enjoy the music. I really didn’t understand what they thought, but so far it couldn’t stop this event at all because we wanted to have fun together. 

After Kaluman, Nemesis prepared to hit the stage. We were really happy at that night because one of our dreams came true, this event became reality. We had 6 songs to burn the moshpit, in that night we really enjoyed the show, some people sang and headbang. The first and second song we played medley “Satu Langkah Perih” and “Die Before Old”. And then I said thank you to all audience who came at Enigma Alliance, after that we played “About Eve” and “Buta Batin” and then after that in the middle of the show we introduced ourselves, Putra/Beks as a additional bass player, Dei as a drummer the best drummer I have ever known, Jods the guitar player, he’s the best partner ever. And then Nemesis new member Ilham as vocalist. Since September, 26 2007 we never introduced ourselves to audience so I though that was the best moment to introduce who Nemesis are. And then we play “Lust” one of favorite songs for Jods, because he arranged the song and we think this song it’s one of the difficult songs when we recorded it at the studio. And then last but not least “Angkara”, people always yelling “Angkara, angkara, angkara” when we hadn’t played yet “Angkara”, we burn the stage with this song, everyone really enjoyed and headbang, some people sang and it was really awesome night. 

After we played the last song, everyone wanted us to play again, and you know what we had one more song but not only Nemesis wanted played this song, I said “Come on Dendy (Rotten To The Core Vocalist) and Karkash, Riko (Amora Savage guitarist and vocalist) join us), and then we played Iron Maiden – "The Trooper" as the final song at Enigma Alliance, everybody sang along and headbang. It’s a really super fun and awesome night, I never forget that night. So thank you to all people who always support us, and thanks to the band and media partner who join at Enigma Alliance. And thanks to Artzine as media partner from India the one and only, thank you for the support guys it’s an honour for Nemesis for working together with all guys at Artzine. Thank you so much, hopefully Nemesis will come to India someday, see you soon guys \m/

The short story about Enigma Alliance from Bandung, Indonesia.

-Sendy Nugraha, guitarist of Nemesis-
[Used with kind permission, and with minor editing by Jack Frost]

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