Sunday, February 2, 2014

HOT NEWS: Daniel resigns as Bleeding Corpse Guitarist (Bandung Death Metal)

In Happy Days: Daniel, John Yoedi, Luk Luk (Bleeding Corpse), Jack Frost, Serak shop, Bandung, April 2012
HOT NEWS: Daniel resigns as Bleeding Corpse Guitarist (Bandung Death-Metal). The band now has only one guitarist like before: Mister Uus Death. Daniel will continue to play for his other bands Turbidity and Kaluman. Busuk Webzine offers best wishes and support to Daniel!

Daniel (top right) with Bandung Death Metal Syndicate at Extend Studio including Man Jasad, Toteng Forgotten, and Jack and John (Busuk Webzine)
Daniel (second from left) with Man Jasad (first left) and other friends, Papap's house, Ujung Berung, Bandung
The Bleeding Corpse "classic" line-up: Luk Luk (bass), Jack (Busuk Webzine), Ari Bejo (Drums), Uus Death (Guitar), Bobby Rockillers (Vocals), Cibinong, 8/10/2011
Daniel playing for Turbidity, Ujungbronx, Bandung, 9/10/2011
A Metal Moment: Daniel chats up waitress while Bobby and Popo look on

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