Sunday, February 9, 2014

NEWS: Impiety (Singapore) destroys at Kedah Death Fest, West Malaysia

From Impiety Facebook:
Kedah, MALAYSIA - Ravaged and Conquered!
A.S. Metal Fest 1, 8th FEB was a huge success despite a change in venue to Sungai Petani.
It was Kandar & Kaos throughout this first amazing Invasion!
Be sure to Visit Kedah Darul Aman if you get the chance, definitely plenty to see and experience, rich in cultural heritage & just excellent hospitality throughout!

Special thanks / Ribuan terimakasih kepada: Aziz Metal Zone, Manz & Amzar of Nefarious Azarak, Ad Faiz StayDark,
Redzuan Zaini, Lee, Yushizam, Anuar CS, Azimat Production House, Big Mouth Republic Cafe, All Members of MORGGORM Sampai jumpa lagi... Be Hailed Tyrants!

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