Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NEWS: Valerian (Surabaya power-metal) works hard on new album for 2014 release

Ridwan (Valerian Vokalis) & Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine), Surabaya
I watched the band rehearse at their studio at Daniel's house in Surabaya on 24 January 2014. It looks like the band is getting some more good material ready. This will be the first full album following the excellent EP Dawn of New Hope. Dimas (Guitarist) told me via Facebook on 4 February 2014 that there will be ten songs with no covers and no power ballads (damn, I wanted a power ballad!!) There will be no joke-songs about the bass player's wife (private joke, sorry). The style will still be melodic power-metal with a dirtier vocal than is usual for this genre. The only comparison I can think of is Vince Neil of Motley Crue but it's not a perfect comparison. Negotiations are underway for Europe and Asia release but the band still looks for an Indonesian release label. The album will be released in three versions. When I asked Dimas about changes since the EP he said: "Maybe we are more heavy and more complex in our songs...and modern in sound". The band line-up is unchanged: Ridwan - Vocal, Dimas - Guitar/back vocal Harman - Guitar, Edo - Bass, Daniel - Keyboard/back vocal, Verrel -Drums. If you like traditional power-metal this band will please and excite you - overall an outstanding band.
Edo (Bass), Ridwan (Vokalis), Verrel (Drums) & Dimas (Guitar) @ Sonny El Dorado's distro, Surabaya
Daniel (Keyboard), Edo (Bass), fill-in guitarist, Dimas (Guitarist)
Daniel (Keyboards), Jack & Ridwan (Vokalis)
Dimas (Valerian Guitarist) & Niza (Climaxeth / Osiris Vokalis)
Anthrax Night @ Colour's Pub, Surabaya, 28/1/14: Jack, Verrel (Valerian Drums), Harman (Valerian Guitar) & Dimas (Valerian Guitar)

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