Monday, March 10, 2014

COMMENT: We support Power Metal band (Surabaya), we do not support sombong American thrash bands

We support the legendary band Power Metal (from Surabaya). We think Testament crew was wrong to cut the power from Power Metal's show after only two songs at Kukar Rockin Fest. Chuck Billy (Testament) grabbed the microphone from Power Metal vocalist's hand in the middle of a song. Yes in American culture everything must start on time but in a foreign country you should respect their culture and respect the leading bands from there. In Indonesia things often start late but you just have to accept it. Keeping good relationships and showing respect to others are more important than starting the show on time. In Indonesia you only should start when you get the non-verbal signals that you can start. The crowd was upset and sat down to watch instead of standing up and moshing as usual. Chuck Billy got mad and kicked some beer on the stage. He wanted to bring the atmosphere back to normal but the crowd stayed silent. Testament played only eight songs off a 13-song set-list. After Testament played its show then Power Metal came back on and the crowd was re-energized [by Jack Frost with information from Dmond Painfulgoth from Balikpapan Underground Community who was at the show].

Power Metal band (legends of Surabaya)


  1. Power metal from surabaya sucks. Listen to Dragonforce much? The author of this article calls actual legends Testament "copy cats"?

  2. dragon force mainstream suck