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CONCERT REVIEW: Noise Fest (Venue: Underground @ The Beachcomber Hotel, Toukley, NSW, 8 Feb 2014) by Collin Brophy

Venue: Underground @ The Beachcomber Hotel, Toukley, New South Wales Australia.
Guest include: Lycanthrope Caraway Seed, Flaming Wrekage, The Arbitrary Method, Pitchfork, In Hydes Shadow.
I arrived around 30 minutes before the doors opened. This was my first trip to this venue, and what a view over looking Budgewoi Lake, on the NSW Central Coast.  The venue was down stairs at the Beachcomber.  The stage wasn’t overly huge, but big enough. There was 2 poles on either side that look like stripper poles.  Everyone I spoke to was expecting some pole dancers, but were disappointed when they were told that there wasn’t any pole dancers tonight, unless it was from the crowd itself.
This event was organised by the amazing guys from Pitchfork, who had done a brilliant job in getting all these sick local bands together on the one night.

In Hydes Shadow. (Central Coast, NSW)
Set list is:
1. Stale, 2. Inception, 3. Broken glass, 4.What it's like, 5.Burn city, 6. Staind, 7.In a hole.
Band Members:
Aaron Smith - Vocals
Jack Marr - Guitars/Vocals
Lachlan Campbell - Bass/Vocals
Jared Lean - Drums/Percussion
IHS is a very lively band live, who play their own style of alternative rock and metal.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their set very much. Their set included lots of fun and laughter, as well as some new songs, which by the way, are really heavy and fast. In all the years I have been to gigs, I don’t ever recall seeing a guitar player play one handed while sculling a beer, so well done to Jack Marr. If you want a band to open up that gets the place pumping, these guys are the ones you want. The guys in INS really love playing live and it shows in their performance. It was my very first IHS gig and I definitely want to see them again.

Pitchfork. (Central Coast, NSW)

Set list is:

1.Discuntent, 2. Midget on a scooter, 3. 222, 4, Fairytale, 5. Homicidal tendencies 6.Public toilets are the gay bath houses of the naughties, 7. Maskaraid.
Band Members:
Joel Simmons – Vocals
Wayne Barnsley – Guitar
Stuart Downes – Guitar
James Grubisa – Drums
Ian bonnar – Bass
The guys in Pitchfork were brilliant.  It’s hard to describe their style, except to say that they have their own sound and style with some heavy groves … I loved their whole set.  The guys definitely don’t take anything seriously, with lots of dancing and mucking around on stage with some sick head-banging in the mix too. The vocalist has an awesome voice and vocal range. The guys in Pitchfork have lots of fun on stage and at one point in their set, they asked for people in the crowd to do some pole dancing.  They didn’t care if it was male or female so long as someone got up and had a go. At one stage during the set, one 1 guy got up and started dancing in his undies and swinging off the pole … he was definitely having a lot of fun. If you get the chance to see Pitchfork live, you won’t regret it … you’ll end up having as much fun as they do.

The Arbitrary Method. (NSW)
Set list is:
1. A Thousand Suns, 2.  The Night, 3. Junkie on a Tightrope, 4. Mirrors Edge, 5. Digging Seven Holes, 6. The Harvest.
Band Members:
Andrew Johnson – Vocals
Eric "Scooter" Hunter – Guitar, Synth & Programming
Benjamin "Boat" Williams – Guitar
Matthew Stoja – Bass
Kurt Reichel – Percussion
These guys weren’t too bad, with plenty of energy from all members on stage. They played their own style of metalcore. I wanted to see these guys for the first time with an open mind, due to not really being a fan of metalcore. These guys were good live, but in my opinion there was something missing in their sound.  In saying that, I did enjoy their set, as did all the other fans in the venue.  If you’re a fan of metalcore, then you should check these guys out. This is their last gig for a while as they are taking sometime off to work on their new EP. I would be interested to see these guys again after they have finished their EP.

Flaming Wrekage. (Sydney, NSW)
Set list is:
1. Fallen One, 2.  Saboteur, 2.  Summoned, 3. Threats Of Revolt, 4.  It Burns Before Your Eyes, 5. Verge Of Disintegration.
Band Members:
Dave Lupton - Guitar/Vocals
Luke Reeves – Guitar
Joe Lamond – Drums
James Buckingham – Bass

In all seriousness, these guys were just brilliant.  They played straight up, in your face, thrash, death metal, with a great sound and both the vocalist and the backing vocals were just amazing. Their band name definitely suits their style and sound, as the venue was a flaming wreckage by the time they finished their set. They had the crowd going crazy and head-banging to all the songs they played. If you are a fan of Kreator or Internal Nightmare (Aust), then these guys are for you.  These guys obviously love performing and getting involved with the crowd, so check them out next time they’re at your local watering hole.  I’ll definitely be seeing them next chance I get.

Caraway Seed. (Central Coast, NSW)
Set list is:
1. Mirrors of humanity 2.Misconception 3.Fiction 4.As the tides turn 5. Seven.
Band Members:
Phoone (Nathan Lambeth) – Vocals
York (Nathan York) – Guitar
Mark Mcintyre – Guitar
Scott Jones – Bass
Jason Salvini - Percussion
I finally got to see these guys at last.  Every time I have planned to see CS, something always happens and I miss out, well not tonight. CS didn’t disappoint.  They were so much heavier and brutal then I thought, and by the end of their set, I felt like I had been brutalised. These guys play with the ferocity of a tornado and destroyed everything in their wake. The crowd participation was just insane. The vocalist would have to be the funniest vocalist I have ever met, just a down and out really cool dude, as was the rest of the band. If you like They Art Is Murder (Aus) and Black Dahlia Murder (USA), then you’ll love Caraway Seed.  I loved every moment of their set. I defiantly can’t wait to see these guys again. Personally, I felt that their set wasn’t long enough.  I could have gone and listened to them play all night.

Lycanthrope. (Central Coast, NSW)
Set list is:
1. Paths divided, 2. The golden mile, 3. Sands of time, 4. Severed, 5. In your absence, 6.Dogs day.
Band Members:
Daniel Greig - Vocals
Aidan Lee - Guitar
Eric Hunter - Guitar
Matthew Stoja - Bass
Jason Salvini - Drums

Lycanthrope is a band that is new to me, but after tonight’s effort, I am a new fan. Unfortunately for me, their set wasn’t long enough, and by the sounds of it, it wasn’t enough for the crowd either. As the previous bands had finished, they were all keen to support Lycanthrope in the pit with the fans.  As the set continued, some of the other band members jumped up on stage and started singing with the lead vocalist from Lycanthrope, which brought complete chaos and fun in the pit for everyone there.  It turns out that a lot of these guys have known each other for a while and enjoy “dishing it out” on occasion.  There is a cult following of Lychanthrope who even have their own T-Shirts calling themselves “Lychan Mob Pit Crew”.  These guys help to gee up the crowd and go absolutely crazy.  Everyone was having so much fun that they were booing when it was time to finish the set. It’s hard to describe their sound. It’s a cross between hardcore and metal.  If you crossed Hatebreed with Suicidal Tendencies, I believe this is what you would end up with.  I definitely would love to see these guys again and I would recommend that you do too, especially if you want a crazy, fun filled brutal experience, where even your cheek bones hurt from laughing so much.

I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun, and laughed so hard, so much at a gig. Everyone was just down to earth and very friendly. When it comes down to it, you can never really beat your local gigs.

I had a very awesome night and would like to thank all the bands and especially the guys from In Hydes Shadows and Pitchfork for their friendly welcome and the chance to attend this crazy night of Aussie metal.

Published by Collin Brophy 

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