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CONCERT REVIEW: Norse - "Plaguewhore" 7" Vinyl Launch (Venue: The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney, 7 Feb 2014) by Collin Brophy

Special guests Eternal Rest (QLD), Mephistopheles (TAS), The Seer & Apparitions of Null (NSW)
Venue:  The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney New South Wales Australia.
Date:  Friday February 7, 2014

Apparitions Of Null, (Sydney, New South Wales Australia)

Genre Progressive/Melodic/Technical Metal
Band Members:
Dale Robinson- all vocals
Sam Maher- lead, rhythm and acoustic guitar
Chris Rosiak- rhythm, acoustic and classical guitar
Jamie Harrison Brown- drums and percussion
Dwayne Murray- bass

Set list:  

The crowd was a little thin when these guys were playing but everyone was pumped to hear them.  I have never seen or heard these guys before, but I’m open to hearing new metal and happy to encourage up and coming bands. The vocalist fronted the crowd and confidently said that this is their first and last song for the night. This had the crowd a bit confused. The band started and played like they’d never played before.  It wasn’t long before I realised that their “first and last song” was a continuous set.  Roughly 30 minutes went by, which was brutal, heavy and melodic all in one. The vocals were deathly harsh and soft at the same time. The band had the crowd in the palm of their hands. By the end of their set they had many more new friends and fans. If you get the chance to see them, do yourself a favour and give them a go … you won’t be disappointed.
The Seer, (Newcastle, New South Wales Australia). 

Genre Symphonic Death Metal
Band Members:
Ryan Huthnance - Vocals and Guitar
Daniel McInnes - Guitar
Allan Swaffield - Bass
Tom Taylor - Drums 

Set list:
1. Thanatos, 2. Timeless, 3. Extinction, 4. The Fall, 5. Eternal Cataclysm, 6. Pariah, 7. Wasteland.

These Novocastrians played a very tight and fast, straight up set of death metal. They played a couple of news songs which were brutal and heavy.  The music was so heavy and brutal it felt like being punched in the face.  I saw these guys last year and tonight’s gig was even better then the last. There were quite a few people who had never heard of these guys, but by the end of their set, they were all new fans. It’s very clear that these guys are getting better and better as time passes.  I’m looking forward to the release of their new album due out later this year. From what they played tonight, their new songs will be just as brutal and heavy as their previous.  If you get the chance to see “The Seer” live at your loval “watering hole” then do it, they put on a great show.
Mephistopheles, (Hobart, Tasmania Australia). 

Genre Technical Blackened Death Metal
Band Members:
Matthew "Chalky" Chalk - Vocals
Ben "Ben" Lawless - Guitars + Occasional Vocals
James "Blower" Excell - Bass
Sam "Creamer" Dowson

I didn’t know what to expect from these guys, as I’d never heard of them before … probably because I couldn’t pronounce the name of the band. When these guys got started they had the crowd by the balls and had them pumped.  They had everyone “head-banging”, laughing and generally having a great time.  They were a lot of fun but in a brutal way.  It was like being hit by a bus. These guys are straight up heavy and crazy, in a nice way, with lost of laughs. This band to me is a mix between King Parrot and Cattle Decapitation, and from my part, you can’t go wrong there. The lead vocalist was a real crowd pleaser.  His vocal range was amazing and between songs his humorous attitude was hilarious.  The band had the crowd eating out of their hands. I definitely want to see these guys again and I recommend that if you get the chance, then you should see them too. 
Eternal Rest, (Brisbane Queensland Australia). 

Genre Death Metal
Band Members:
Josh Robinson - Vocals
Mick Hunter - Drums
Jake Kaiser - Guitars
Chris Clark - Guitars
Jannico Kelk - Bass

Set list:
1. Preaching the Decimation of Spheres,  2. Onset Of Destruction, 3. Acts Of The Unspoken (New Song), 4. Prophetic, 5. Remnants, 6. Manifestation, 7. Last Gate.

Another first time for me.  This was the first time I’ve been able these guys.  Previously, every time I’ve tried to see them, something came up … but not tonight. This gig is apparently the vocalist’s last ever live gig with this band.  I’m not sure why, as they didn’t go into it. So the rest of the guys in the band sent him out with a huge bang, as did the crowd. Many of the crowd members “booed” because he was leaving, but were pumped for a brutal set.  These guys were tight, heavy and exactly what I was expecting, just in your face death metal.  The music was fast, loud, furious and the lyrics were presented by a very talented vocalist.  It’s a shame that this was my first and only gig with this vocalist before he left. I can’t wait until they start again with their new vocalist. I will definitely be there for that.

Norse, (Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia). 

Genre Extreme Metal
Band Members:
A. Ryan - Vocals / bass
Forge - Drums /guitars
Shayne Querruel - Session/Live Rhythm Guitars
S. Maher - Session/Live Rhythm Guitars
Marcus "Wes" Bastiaanse - Session/Live Bass Guitars

Set list:
1. Neglect, 2. Worn and Grey, 3. Towards the shining sky, 4. Silently awake, 5. Concrete wastes, 6. Gravel, 7. Plaguewhore.

I was really looking forward to this Norse gig, as it was the first time with their new line up.  I have only seen Norse with the old line up, so I wasn’t to sure what to expect with this new line up.  All I knew was that they wouldn’t disappoint. I can honestly say that they didn’t disappoint either.  Norse played a brutal set with uncompromising technical style and gruelling vocals.  Considering it was their first gig, they put on a great show.  Give them a few more gigs under their belt and the look out. They played nearly all of All is Mist and Fog, plus a couple of others, which the crowd ate up.  Judging by the crowd, they loved every bit of this set. Norse were brilliant tonight and didn’t miss a beat.  I can’t wait to see them after a couple more gigs with the new line up. These guys are only going to get better and I wish them all the best with the new line up.

Overall the night was fantastic.  I got to enjoy a few cold beers with good friends while listening to some great new metal, from bands that have a big future.  I look forward to their CD's being released soon.

Published by Collin Brophy

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