Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NEWS: Daniel (from Valerian) and Dhinie release new song "Highness in You" (band name: Allegrea)

Dimas (left) and Daniel from Valerian. In the Allegrea song Daniel plays all instruments including keyboards and drums while Dhinie does female vocals. The link is: https://soundcloud.com/wahyu-setya-ardini/highness-in-you-allegrea. The music combines power, gothic, symphonic, and epic metal. Some other songs will follow on and other musicians may join the band.
Left to right: Nuke (D'Lawas); Daniel (Valerian / Allegrea); and Dhinie (Allegrea)
Allegrea band: Dhinie and Daniel. Wait for Dhinie guest vocals on the new Valerian album too!
At Daniel's wedding party, Surabaya: Dhinie; Febrilia; Verrel (Valerian Drummer); Pram; and Irwan. At Dawn They Sleep!
Comment from Ari Luck via Facebook: "I knew Daniel when I lived in Surabaya between the years 2007-2009, he told me that he also lived in Pontianak, he is multi-talented, can play the drums very well for death metal black metal n ... I was interested to play death metal with him, I'll see you next time my friend Daniel...." (26 March 2014)

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