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GIG / EP REVIEW: Smokin Mirrors EP Launch by Collin Brophy

Special guests: October Rage (NSW), In Hydes Shadow (NSW), Hidden Ace (NSW) & Freesecks (NSW).

Venue: The Entrance Leagues Club (Central Coast NSW Australia).

Date: Friday 28th March 2014.

I arrived around 20 minutes before the doors opened and I wasn’t too sure how many people would turn up due to the pouring rain that had been around all afternoon.  Once I started to line up, the crowd started to get in line as well.  It was a very diverse mix of people in the crowd tonight. The line stretched from the venue door all the way out the clubs reception which is around 40-50 meters away.

By the time I got inside, there were around 100 people standing around having a beer and talking to the band members from the bands that were playing tonight. The line up at the bar wasn’t too bad either.  By the time the first band, Freesecks, started there was around 150 people already down the front of the stage, to start what was going to be an awesome night of bands from all areas of the Central Coast.

Freesecks. (Central Coast, NSW)

Genre: Rock, Metal.

Band Members:
Joel "Zooper Dooper" Bruni - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Tyson "Can't remember the lyrics" Hodge - Lead Vocals
Rob "Videogames" Helleman - Bass
Micky "Alcohol" Turner - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kye "Bottle of Water" Clark - Drums, Percussion

Set list: 1. Shine, 2. On Kings Cup, 2. You Know You Want It, 3. Clouds, 4. Rooftops, 5.Done Fighting.

I had never heard of Freesecks before tonight … and what a shame! These guys were brilliant ...  So much energy and they got the crowd worked up. The band, as a whole was amazing, getting into the music and vibe just as much as the crowd was, just what you want from an opening band. I spoke with the vocalist, who is a really cool dude, as are the rest of the guys in the band. They have a demo out at the moment, but are working on bringing out another in the near future. If you like music with great guitar riffs, pounding drum beats, pumping bass and some very amazing vocals, then Freesecks are for you. If you get the chance to see them play then I suggest that you do.

Hidden Ace. (Central Coast, NSW)

Genre: Rock, Funk.

Band Members:
Matty Dalcol - Vocals
Rhyse Aquillina - Bass Guitar
Matt Stalgis - Lead Guitar
Grant Molloy – Drums
Sal Cordero - Keyboard

Set list: 1. Lies, 2. Desires, 3. Her Name was California, 4. Kiss It, Money for the Weekend, 5. Catch me if you can, 6. Heading South.

Yet another band that I had never heard of.  Hidden Ace was just brilliant, with a very charismatic front man / vocalist with some funky dance moves, and an amazing band to back him up.  I really enjoyed Hidden Ace’s set, full of funky rock tunes. Hidden Ace played their own style of Rock/Funk.  I am not usually a fan of this style of music, but there is something fun and original about Hidden Ace that I really like. The crowd really loved these guys.  It’s really hard to describe Hidden Ace, but if you enjoy music as a whole, just to sit back and relax with a cold beer, then these guys are for you. I would definitely recommend that if the chance comes up to see Hidden Ace, then you should give them a listen.  I would love to see them again. 

In Hydes Shadow. (Central Coast, NSW)

Genre: Alternative Rock.

Band Members:
Aaron Smith – Vocals
Jack Marr - Guitars/Vocals
Lachlan Campbell - Bass/Vocals
Jared Lean - Drums/Percussion

Set list: 1. Stale, 2. Insomniatic, 3. Blood red sun, 4. Inception, 5. What it's like, 6. Burn city, 7. In a Hole.

Once again, In Hydes Shadow delivered a high energy and intense set. It was really good to see these guys on a bigger stage, which at times still didn’t seem big enough for the four of them. These guys put one awesome set which the crowd agreed wasn’t long enough. Vocalist Aaron said that this is their last show for a while, as they are going to start recording their new EP to follow up their debut EP Insomniatic. And as usual the band smashed it with some outstanding drumming, pounding bass, really cool riffs. The incredible playing plus Aarons amazing vocals, made this my best In Hydes Shadow show to date. I can’t wait for when they start playing again and especially when they have finished their EP.  When they do the EP launch, I recommend that you get out and see them too.  These guys just better and better!

October Rage. (Central Coast, NSW)
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock.

Band Members:
Nick Roberts - Vocals, Guitar
William Roberts – Bass
Kai Chambers – Drums
John McMullen – Guitars

Set list: 1. Wayside, 2. White Walkers, 3. In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins Cover),  4. Valkyrie, 5. Silver Line, 6. Reign Of Fire.

October Rage blew everyone away.  They had the crowd head-banging and having an awesome time. These guys have so much energy and I swear that these guys can’t stand still for more the 5 seconds. Their set was just amazing and it was so good to see them play on a bigger stage.  At times the stage didn’t seem bigger enough for these guys either. October Rage did a fantastic version of Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”, which had the whole crowd singing along. The drummer went off, the bassist was absolutely sick, and the guitarist/keyboardist has to be seen to believe with some epic guitar riffs and mixing it in with some keyboard playing too, along with the vocalists amazing vocals and his guitar riffs. October Rage are in the process of doing an album which should be out in the not to distant future.  The vocalist said that they will be having an epic album launch, which is gong to be insane. If you can, I highly recommend that you get out and see these guys live. If you like Rock, Hard Rock and Metal, then check October Rage out.

Smokin Mirrors. (Central Coast, NSW)

Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal.

Band Members:
Emmy Mack - Voicebox
Alex Richmond - Lead Guitar
Matt Coleman – Bass
Sam Goldie – Drums

Set list: 1. Long Way To The Top (AC/DC Cover), 2. Kickin' On, 3. Not In My Way, 4.Dead Walk, 5. Rush You (Baby Animals Cover), 6. State Of The Mind, 7. Wasted, 8. The Terminator Theme Song, 9.Set To Ignite, 10. Medley: Welcome To The Jungle (Guns N' Roses), Enter Sandman (Metallica), You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC), Kickstart My Heart (Motley Crüe), Rebel Yell (Billy Idol), Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N' Roses).

I have heard of these guys, but I have never heard their music or seen them play live before tonight. Even though I am not a fan of Smokin Mirrors style of music, these guys were really good, with lots of energy and with a very energetic set.  They had the crowd dancing and singing along to some really cool covers and some of their own original music as well. The covers that Smokin Mirrors played were awesome and really well done.  I really enjoyed their whole set.  As this was Smokin Mirrors EP launch, they tore through their set, like it was their last.  Even after they played their last song, there was even a call for one more song, but unfortunately it was late and time to pack up. The very first song they played was an AC/DC cover, “Long Way to the Top”, to which Todd Ridgway from a band, called Thrashed, came out and totally hammered the bagpipes out, which the crowd loved.  If you like Rock, Hard Rock and even some Metal, then check these guys out.  I know I would like to see them again.

By the end of the night, just over 400 people had attended tonight’s show, which is brilliant considering the crap weather outside, with the wind and cold rain. The crowd was appreciative of all the bands that played tonight.  The best thing about attending local shows is that you can stand around and chat, have a cold beer with the band members from all the bands that played, as well as other band members from other bands that were there to enjoy and support the local music scene and meet some really nice people who like and enjoy the music scene too. Over all, it was an outstanding night of some amazing Central Coast bands.  I got to met and chat with some really cool people not just from the bands, but the fans as well and the more I go to my local gigs, the more I learn just how many awesome local bands that are round the Central Coast.

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