Sunday, April 27, 2014

PICTURE GALLERY: Bobbie from Bandung meets "Wakey", English Dogs

This is the pic where my friend Bobbie Zulfikar from Bandung met "Wakey" of punk legends English Dogs at an English Dogs' show in the UK. How come Bobbie went to England? It's a great story. Bobbie is a well-known punk guy in the Bandung scene. In response to negative publicity in Indonesia about the arrest of Banda Aceh punks, Bobbie (in conjunction with Emma and other English punks) raised money for an orphanage to try to create some positive publicity about punk rockers. Punk is just as much Joe Strummer (RIP) as it is Sid Vicious (RIP). The punks in England heard about what Bobbie did and they got together to pay for him to visit the UK and tour the country. There he met members of The Exploited, GBH, English Dogs, and other legendary bands. That is the true spirit of punk rock; punk is very special. If we keep on supporting each other punk can never die. And remember: Paul Di'Anno was a punk hahaha, yes he was!
Bobbie Zulfikar (second from left) with "Wakey" of English Dogs (second from right) and some of the crowd at the English Dogs' show in the UK
Crazy Nights in Bandung: Aries (Vokalis Kaluman); Bobby (Vokalis Hydro), Bobbie Zulfikar, and Yadi Behom (Vokalis Bleeding Corpse)

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