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BAND INTERVIEW: Chancroid conducted by Collin Brophy, May 2014

Country:          Bekasi, Indonesia.

Genre:              Brutal Death Metal.

Band Influences:
Disgorge, Putridity, Cerebral Effusion, Decrepit Birth

Band Members:
Wira – Vocals “Guttural”
Hendri - Guitar “Shred”
Bona - Drums.

“Chancroid” formed around Easter 2011 and classify themselves as a brutal death metal machine.  The name was given to them by a friend from Singapore. Wira (ex Vomit Larynx) decided to make a new brutal death metal project with killer riffs and blast beats. The bands first line up included Wira (ex-Infinite Torture, ex-Vomit Larynx) as guttural vocals, Bona (ex Achilles Spartan, Ex-Infinite Torture) on drums and Micko (Corrosive) on guitar. They tried for about a year to make some brutal material, but this line up didn't work, and in the end they called it quits. Wira then met up with Galih and decided to resurrect the name “Arise” and called up Bona to fill the drum position.  After talking, they decided to give it a go, and they wrote some new material that was heavier than before, but due to internal problems with Galih, the band then decided to carry on without him. Later, after they went their separate ways, a friend of Wira’s, suggested to him to give a friend of his a try.  They re-started the band in September 2013, with Hendri (ex Gyarotium, and ex Hujjat).  They got together and talked about their direction in music and decided to join forces together, which suited them all.  After some hard work they did their first single, called “Coitus Deification Terminology", which was released on the 21 April 2014.  This is one hell of a brutal song. The song can be heard via the link 

Q. Hi. How are you guys going? Thanks for the opportunity for this interview. Any new news on the Chancroid front, album, EP or gig wise?

A. Never felt better or like this before … hehehe.  Well we're gonna record some songs in a few weeks for our promo CD.  We’re still writing some of the material for our first album … hopefully it'll be finished this year.   We’re still looking for bass player anyway … so hard to catch that "species" here :p  

Q. What have you guys been up to lately?

A. Work, work, work, work, work! We’ve been trying to explore our minds and experimenting with our ideas on the instruments and on paper :)
Q. What is the metal scene like Indonesia?

A. Indonesia has a great metal scene I think, a lot of great gigs, bands, communities, labels and we support each other.

Q. What kinds of things inspire you musically and lyrically? Are there any types of themes that you like to write about and incorporate into your music? Is there any message in your music that you are trying to get out there?

A. Actually I really love paying attention to the human body anatomy, psychological, sexual disease and everything about pathological and gore. We chose the sexual disease as our theme (just like the band's name). We don't have any specific message that we want to tell about, just want to play and show up the music we love.

Q. I know a lot of brutal Indonesian metal bands are Islamic, still make brutal music, and also incorporate their beliefs into their lyrics, what are your thoughts on this?

A. I'm not very interested with those themes … but they have the freedom to write their music and choose their themes for their music and lyrics, talk about their religions and beliefs … we have a responsibility of every single word that we've written, I think!

Q. Do all of the band members have a say in the writing process of the music and lyrics?

A. Yeah they are … they believe me to be the most perverted person who ever lived whenever I write the lyrics.  We always say everything that we want and what we dream will be achieved soon ... and we think that what we say are the greatest words which motivates us to writes more heinous things!

Q. What does the future hold for Chancroid?

A. We’d like to grow to be one of the “icon” bands of metal scene, be invited to play on a big metal festival and exist in the Indonesia death metal scene for a long time.

Q. Thank you for your time for this interview.

A. You are welcome sir … stay sick, keep supporting the metal scene around the world, thank you :)

Interview conducted by Collin Brophy
May 2014

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