Monday, May 5, 2014

CD REVIEW: Down from the Wound (Phils) - "Violence and the Macabre", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

DOWN FROM THE WOUND - Violence and the Macabre (Comatose Music)

After 7 f***ing years, "Down from the Wound" is doing a f***ing amazing comeback with their second full length album with a title engraved in brutality "Violence and the Macabre"! Having added a member in their Filipinos f***ing slaughter band, Down from the Wound is now Tristan Dela Cruz on Vocals, Jeffrey Companero and Chie Merigildo on Guitars, Randyl Manglicmot on Drums and the quartet give us a totally f***ing destructive performance tinged with a brutalistic ingenuity influenced by bands like Disgorge (USA) and Suffocation! Tristan with his f***ing excellent guttural vocals that we never get bored, the brutal f***ing job of Jeff and Chie on guitars is f***ing wonderful with a near-perfect composition and finally, Randy drumming as always in a totally f***ing sick way with a shitty bunch of barbaric tempos f***ing greatly achieved! A strong and f***ing perfect production is adding to the damn quality of this shitty disk, f***ing great mixing with a enjoyable and brutal heavy f***ing sound! With 10 songs (plus one instrumental) and its 48 f***ing minutes, "Violence and the Macabre" is f***ing perfect in almost all levels and the only negative comment would be some riffs less enjoyable and a couple of songs a little less good but still f***ing amazing! This f***ing piece of shit is f***ing essential to all brutal f***ers because Down from the Wound just proved their high rank in the Brutal Death F***ing Metal! A f***ing must! F***ing Great Piece of F***ing Shit! 9/10. [Jack Frost note: This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind consent. Long live consenting adults hahahaha!]

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