Sunday, May 18, 2014

CD REVIEW - Omnipotent Hysteria - "Forged in the Embers of Monolithic Devastation", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

Omnipotent Hysteria - Forged in the Embers of Monolithic Devastation (Death Metal Industry)
Forged in the Embers of Monolithic Devastation" is the first f***ing shit of the UK band Omnipotent Hysteria and are delivering an EP of f***ing exceptional quality lasting approximately 14 minutes including 4 songs (3 songs and 1 intro)! Omnipotent Hysteria are playing Pure Brutal Death F***ing Metal with
their personal touch of f***ing great originality and offers an infinite possibility of evolution in their shitty creation! This band consists of Jon Burr on Vocals, James Murphy on Guitars/Bass, Jon Rushforth on Drums and the trio are doing a damn clever job by performing a f***ing piece of brutality extremely f***ing successful! This EP is filled with a f***ing bunch of amazing riffs, some perhaps less excellent, but in general this shit is really f***ing crazy with also a f***ing good job on the bass side! The vocals are really good and some rare parts can seem weak but nothing unbearable, and also a f***ing excellent work on drums which is totally sick as f***, f***ing fast and diversified at all shitty levels! The production is very well done, f***ing good mixing and the sound is f***ing brutal that sounds like a f***ing ton of bricks made of f***ing shit and all instruments sound f***ing great but perhaps the bassdrums a little too present in the mixing! "Forged in the Embers of Monolithic Devastation" is, I think, a f***ing wonderful release ingeniously created with a quality of Brutal Death Metal to its highest f***ing level and we can only die of impatience waiting for something a little longer! Its an essential f***ing shit for all real brutal people and Omnipotent Hysteria have just intelligently marked the f***ing sick shitty world of Brutal Death Metal! Awesome F***ing Brutal Shit, A F***ing Must! 9/10. [This review was first posted by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

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