Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CD REVIEW: Omnivorous (Tangerang) - Promo 2014, by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

Omnivorous-Promo 2014 (Brutal Mind)

From the total f***ing sick land of Indonesia, Omnivorous was born from the shitty womb of Tangerang and performs a Brutal Death F***ing Metal played in a raw and f***ing pure way completely f***ing faithful to the roots of brutality with this act of two songs named "Promo 2014"! Agung Widodo on Vocals, Denny Yurio Andimas on Guitars and Addo Priawan (Failed Vi
rgin) on Drums are the trio consisting of Omnivorous and making "Proto Slaughter Human Decay" and "Evolving Prostatic Asphyxiation" two tracks of sick f***ing shit sounding like the best bands of the early f***ing era of sickness! The production of this promo is totally explosive and f***ing killer, nothing special but a f***ing brutal and raw sound with a f***ing flawless mixing including drums, guitars and vocals sounding in an incredible way making of this promo a f***ing must for all sickos! Omnivorous plays a f***ing extreme musick, with the great guttural vocals of Agung, the f***ing sick and brutal riffs of Denny which are mostly excellent, maybe some are weak and without interest for brutality, but the 7 minutes are generally entirely f***ing sick, f***ing disgusting as puke and we can see exactly the same f***ing shitty work environment on the side of Addo on drums with his mixing of slow and blast beats and a style of drumming that reminds us the drummers of the old f***ing brutal golden era! Definitely a band to keep an eye on for all brutal f***ing people, especially with their first EP coming soon! Excellent Shitty F***ing Disk! 8/10. [Jack Frost note: This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind consent.]

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