Thursday, May 15, 2014

CD REVIEW: Review of Gorgasm - "Destined to Violate", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

GORGASM - Destined to Violate (New Standard Elite)

The gods of Brutal Death F***ing Metal are back and being highly anticipated after 3 f***ing years of absence, Gorgasm are delivering their fourth full-length album entitled "Destined to Violate"! As always and religiously f**ing faithful to their raw Brutal Death F***ing Metal, Gorgasm back still a little more to their f***ing shitty roots with this new opus, compared to their last effort "Orgy of Murder", and the musical quality that is delivered this time can remind us of "Masticate to Dominate" with a f***ing raw sound maybe more around "Bleeding Profusely"! These 13 tracks of pure f***ing brutality are performed by Anthony Voight (Bass/Vocals), Damian Leski (Guitar/Vocals) Ryan Saylor (Guitar), Kyle Christman (Drums/Vocals) and the four sickos realized a f***ing piece of shit filled with a f***ing great brutal sick energy, dealing well with the fast and slow parts including a triple devastation vocals greatly f***ing made! Anthony on Bass/Vocals did a f***ing amazing job, helped with the production, offers an unforgettable damn performance with a fast and f***ing flawless vocals! Damien (Guitar/Vocals) and Ryan (Guitar) are also doing a f***ing awesome performance, with a high f***ing level of composition and the maturity reflected in their f***ing excellent riffs and the total f***ing absence of boring f**ing parts which gives them a f***ing perfection in the composition including the usual excellence of Damian at the vocals! Kyle Christman on drums, and a very good backing vocals giving it some sick shitty parts, is totally f***ing great, tight as f***, f***ing fast and a f***ing good mix of tempos because, "Destined to Violate" is not only a "blasting" CD, but it contains a range of other influences as Suffocation and company, as always, but this time perhaps a little more sustained that make this release still f***ing different from its predecessors! I cant not mention the production which is completely f***ing successful, a f***ing great mixing and clear sound that allows you to make sure you to dig all f***ing elements of this piece of greatness adding a present sound of bass totally f***ing awesome and one of the best sounds of drums I've ever hear, the snare is a f**ing hard drug! With 40 minutes of pure f***ing awesomeness, Gorgasm again marked the history of Brutal Death Metal with this f***ing great masterpiece and every single f***ing second of "Destined to Violate" is a eargasm creating a multitude of eargasms giving the name's origin of this golden f**ing shit! This f***ing piece of gem will be a f***ing necessity for all sickos because its without f***ing doubt one of the best albums of the year and everyone will know what to do at July 31, 2014! F***ing Perfect Blasterpiece of Pure F***ing Raw Brutality! 10/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

Indonesian fans now have the chance to see Gorgasm live @ Bogor Death Fest #4, 25 Mei 2014

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