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GIG REVIEW: Kreator “Road Rage Down Under 2014” by Collin Brophy

Special Guest: Death Angel and Metreya.

Venue: The Manning Bar, Sydney.

Date: 18th April 2014

I arrived in Sydney a little early and went and had a couple of cold beers. While at the pub, I spoke with some of the other metal heads who were also their before the gig started and were really looking forward to tonight’s gig. I arrived at The Manning Bar around 15 minutes before the doors opened and met up with some mates who were already in line. Considering that the starting time for tonight’s gig was at 5:30 pm due to the 10 pm noise curfew, there was already a massive crowd outside ready to go in, with most wearing the denim jackets with all different band patches on them.

Metreya. (Illawarra, Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Band Members:
Dieter Jabs - Rhythm Guitar
Sean Clifford – Drums
Adam Grozdanic - Lead Guitar
Sean Veale - Bass Guitar
Michael Demov - Vokills.
Genre: Thrash Metal.
Set List: 1. The Menacing, 2. Martyr, 3. Machines of War, 4. Metreya, 5. War Era.
I was looking forward to seeing Metreya as I have only seen them on YouTube before tonight. As soon as they started the room started to fill up.  If you want anyone to support a couple of worlds best thrash metal bands, then Metreya are the guys to fill that spot. Metreya pumped out 5 thrashing songs that got the night going with a small pit happening by time they started to play Martyr and Machines of War. Metreya played a tight, intense and fierce set of brilliant thrash metal and finished their set off with a sick track called War Era. If you like the 80’s style of thrash metal, then Metreya is for you. They also released an EP last year called Machines of War, and they are looking at doing an album sometime in 2014. Metreya are one of the bands set to play on the “Slayer Day” in Sydney on the 3rd of May 2014.

Death Angel. (San Francisco Bay Area, USA).

Band Members:
Rob Cavestany – lead guitar (1982–1991, 2001–present)
Mark Osegueda – vocals (1984–1991, 2001–present)
Ted Aguilar – guitars (2001–present)
Will Carroll – drums (2009–present)
Damien Sisson – bass guitar (2009–present)

Genre:  Thrash Metal

Set List: 1. Left or Dead, 2. Son Of A Morning, 3. Evil Priest, 4. Claws So Deep, 5. Relentless Revolution, 6. Fallen, 7. Seemingly Endless Time, 8. The Dream Calls For Blood, 9. Caster Of Shame, 10. Mistress Of Pain, 11. Sonic Beatdown, 12. Succubus, 12. Execution – Don’t Save Me, 13. Thrown To The Wolves (The Ultra-Violence Intro).

I have only been listening to Death Angel for only around 12 months, so I am new to these guys.  This is my first Death Angel gig and I was looking forward to this from the first moment when they said they were touring Australia. From the opening track, Left For Dead, the pit action was non stop crazy. The drummer was incredible. I couldn’t believe just how fast he was smashing those skins. The bassist was just as great and both guitarists were brilliant, with some of the best guitar playing I have seen live in all the years I have been going to metal gigs, and the vocalist was just amazing. By the time they got to “The Dream Calls For Blood”, the place was absolutely going off and by the last song, “Thrown To The Wolves”, the crowd was completely stunned by what was one incredible set from Death Angel. I can’t wait for these guys to return to Australia again.

Kreator. (Essen, Germany).

Band Members:
Miland “Mille” Petrozza – vocals, guitar (1982 – present)
Christian “Speesy” Giesler – bass (1994 – present)
Jurgen “Ventor” Reil – drums, vocals (1982 – 1994, 1996 – present)
Sami Yli-Sirnio – guitar (2001 – present)

Genre:  Thrash Metal

Set List:  Mars Mantra, 1. Phantom Antichrist, 2. From Flood Into Fire, 3. Warcurse, 4. Endless Pain (Coma Of Souls Intro), 5. Pleasure To Kill, 6. Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite), 7. Riot Of Violence, 8. Enemy Of God, 9. Phobia, The Patriarch, 10. Violent Revolution, 11. United In Hate, 12. Civilization Collapse, 13. People Of The Lie, 14. Flag Of Hate, 15. Tormentor, Until Our Paths Cross Again.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since Kreator last graced our shores, and that was one hell of a gig. After a well earned break between the end of Death Angel and the start of Kreator, the crowd were getting restless with loud chanting for Kreator. From the start of the intro of Mars Mantra and then strait into Phantom Antichrist, the crowd went completely crazy and I should know, I was one of them. The energy and ferocity of the pits was just insane.  After 5 songs I was totally spent, and had to drag myself out for a breather.

As I sat out the next song and watched from the back, you could see bodies flying up and over the top and I couldn’t help myself and after the one song rest, I ran and dived off the stairs into the pit and I got smashed in the process. The crowd was singing out loud to some of the classics, Phobia and People Of The Lie, just to name a couple. At one stage, there was a splitting of the crowd as the vocalist counted down from 3.2.1 go.  The impact was incredible. A completely crazy, insane merging of bodies in the pit. I’m sure that some were hurt or injured, but it didn’t seem to bother them as they kept moshing like it was their last ever gig.

The Manning Bar was bursting at the seams.  I have never seen it so full before and as I found out later, it was a full sell out. By the time Kreator got to, “Flag Of Hate”, everyone was pretty well stuffed, as it was one of the most energetic and violent mosh pits I have ever been in.  But out from somewhere, in the dark, sweaty, crowd, someone upped the anti and everyone in that pit completely lost their shit.  There were shoes, bodies, beers and anything else that was there, was thrown into air or they just hurtled over the top. 

By the end of the gig, I was absolutely stuffed.  I was covered in beer, bourbon and sweat. It took me a while to get out as I couldn’t walk properly and it felt like I had been tenderised by a meat mallet.  Every inch of my body ached for days afterwards and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This would have to have been one of the best gigs that have been played at The Manning Bar. I was just so stoked that I got the privilege to have not only seen it, but participate in the pit.  These guys are true entertainers and really know how to get and keep the crowd moving.

By Collin Brophy 

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