Tuesday, May 6, 2014

INTERVIEW: My interview with Arie of Propoganda (Bogor Death Metal, Indonesia)

Jack Frost Q1: Hai, bisakah kamu menceritakan sejarah awal terbentuknya band kalian hingga sekarang? 
Arie (P) 1: PROPAGANDA band from Bogor city was formed in late 2009. by plunging into existence by bringing Brutal Death Metal music. In accordance with the meaning of the name "PROPAGANDA" which means the band mem-right propaganda, before the band was originally formed from any previous band personnel have known / recognized by relatives and friends of underground music. Commitment and can not be separated from the support of family support, disconnected from any personnel focused on the current band (Propaganda). The line-up this time with Ari (Vocal), Yanz (Guitar), Hendri (Bass) and Ikok (Drums). tone music explosion, destroying fast, thick depth, vocal sounds guttural and noise characteristics make a strong decline of the music the band its self. Elements of propaganda influence music influenced by Brutal Death Metal bands, so much learning and maturation maturing now define the genre formed by underground, Brutal/Death Metal By launching the first single titled "vomiting BLOOD OR MURDER " with the song material to increase the emphasis on the concept torture, killing, until the end of the song, titled BLOOD vomiting make the title as the album name. In the tracklist for the current trip from Bogor and do around the area outside the city. and beyond as well as to produce a compilation cd Road rage, IRSnetwork (indieradiostreaming) Cimahi Bandung, Jakarta deathmetal, Band List IDDM (Indonesia Death Metal). And do not lose a lot of support and thanks to the management Rockmen livingdead, Ki6enden6pamun6kas, IRSnetwork Indonesia, Rocks Underground, Trendkill Magazine, Bandung Death Metal, Kujang deathmetal , rancasari deathmetal, Ciomas Syndicat, Congor Rebel Merch, Merch naughty, Fortal13 Merch, stevanuz yanz merch, Basstar Studio, aos studio, log -in Studio, U - Music, Music Astana, Bogor Number Milita (tm disease ) etc. 

Arie (Vokalis)

JF2: Bagaimana respon orang-orang dengan mini album/album/demo band Kamu? 

P2: So wait for her album published our. 

JF3: Band apa yang paling berpengaruh bagi Kalian dalam bermain musik? 

P3: Influence by Disgorge, Putridity, Cerebral Effusion, etc. 

JF4: Apa rencana kedepan kalian bersama band? 

P4: Launch or publish our album. 

JF5: Apakah lagu-lagu yang kalian buat menggunakan Bahasa Inggris dan Indonesia. 

P5: Lirik English and Indonesian yes in our song. 

JF6: Apa yang kalian ceritakan dalam lirik-lirik yang kalian buat? 

P6: Tell a torture and murder in human life. 

JF7: Mengapa kalian semua suka memainkan musik death-metal? 

P7: Because it has a music tone music explosion, destroying fast, thick depth, vocal sounds and noise characteristics make a strong decline of the music the band it self. 

JF8: Kapan pertama kali kamu menjadi fans band metal? 

P8: I was sitting in the school since the first level. 

JF9: Apa yang Kamu katakan kepada orang-orang yang bertanya mengapa Kamu memainkan musik bergaya barat? 

P9: Because western music music colorful character in every sick sound that is very adrenaline 

JF10: Apakah para istri dan kekasih para personil kalian mendukung apa yang kalian kerjakan? 

P10: Yes very supportive of us in this. 

JF11: Apakah hal-hal yang terbaik dan terburuk tentang komunitas di kota kalian? 

P11: Good thing unites togetherness among all communities, in our music. 

JF12: Rencana apa yang kalian buat bersama band untuk kedepannya? 

P12: Launched or published the results of our work and the work of our albums, to be enjoyed by the widest range. 

JF13: Di acara apa kalian merasakan, itu stage yang berkesan? 

P13: At each stage we really feel memorable.

JF14: Ada pesan untuk kawan kawan? 

P14: Our 1 message each other mutual support and community band. 

JF15: OK, terima kasih banyak

P15: Your welcome :) I am very grateful for the interview buzuk magazine and I will not forget this interview

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