Monday, May 19, 2014

NEWS: Congratulation Acil (guitarist Saffar) on your new baby girl (Bandung Death Metal Community)

This is the new baby girl of Acil (guitarist Saffar / bassist Death Womb Existence) Her name is: Airin khaira wilda meyhora. We are very happy to know that the doctor wrongly diagnosed Acil's wife as having cancer. Actually it was just a cyst and it came out when the baby was born. I want to give the respect to Zemo Cabalero of D-Throne Records in Cicaheum in Bandung for raising money for the medical treatment of Acil's wife. This is the true Bandung death-metal community spirit. Previously 15,000,000IDR (USD1,500.00) was raised to fund the successful cancer surgery for the legendary Forgotten vocalist Addy Gembel [by Jack Frost, 20/5/2014].
Her name is: Airin khaira wilda meyhora.
Death Womb Existence band featuring Acil (second from right) @ Chinook's, Bandung, 23/1/2014
Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine) with Death Womb Existence band @ Chinook's, Bandung, 23/1/2014
Saffar band feat. Acil on guitar (second from right), Ujungbronx, Bandung, April 2012
Saffar band with Jack Frost and John Yoedi (RIP) of Busuk Webzine, Ujungbronx, Bandung, April 2012
A rainy day in Bandung Death Metal City
Another rainy day in Bandung Death Metal City
Big City Nights / Bad Boys Running Wild. Left to right: Arief (Guitarist Attackor); Zemo Cabalero (D-Throne Records); & Butche (Vokalis The Cruel), Bandung, January 2014.

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