Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PICTURE GALLERY: Murtad (Tangerang, West Java) @ Bogor Death Fest #4

Terimakasih Andri Murtad for these pictures and well done to the guys for putting on a great show and for putting Tangerang on the metal map!
Left to right: Hammersonic Fest Jakarta 2013: Deady Velo of Hellskuad (third from left), Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine) (fourth from left, holding Murtad shirt), Andri Murtad (fifth from left), John Yoedi RIP (Busuk Webzine) (sixth from left), Popo Demons Damn (second from right), Bobby Bleeding Corpse (first on right).
Hammersonic Fest Jakarta 2013: Left to right: John Yoedi (RIP) (Busuk Webzine), Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine) & Andri Murtad

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