Monday, June 30, 2014

CD REVIEW: Cerebral Effusion (Ermua, Spain) - "Idolatry of the Unethical", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

Cerebral Effusion - Idolatry of the Unethical (New Standard Elite)

The Ancient Gods of Spain united under the name of Cerebral Effusion are back to give us their fourth full f***ing devastation of the world with this f***ing macabre march entitled "
Idolatry of the Unethical"! The Cerebral Effusion entity still perform their pure Brutal Death F***ing Metal with their personal touch that make them so
f***ing unique and, they continue on this path with the same will to remain completely f***ing faithful to their f***ing roots and deserves a f***ing great respect after all these shitty brutal years! The four sick f***ing corpses consisting of this horrifying diabolic f***ing piece of shit are Cosme (Bass/Vocals), Penas (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Jabo (Guitar), Eihar (Drums) and they are doing a perfect f***ing work sharing the shitty f***ing plague with their pestilential seal of 7 acts making the end of the f***ing world lasting exactly 33 gory f***ing minutes! The production of this f***ing shit is totally f***ing killer in all shitty aspects of the brutality adding that its very f***ing faithful to their own atmosphere and maybe a little more than their previous destructive f***ing blasterpiece! A mixing f***ing successful, a f***ing epic heavy sound which has always made them so damn unqiue, "Idolatry of the Unethical" really sound like a f***ing ton of f***ing bricks straight in your f***ing face with a perfect f***ing sound for all instruments and especially the drums which sounds totally f***ing insane! Cosme still have a f***ing great guttural shitty vocals, always with his own f***ing style which never make us bored adding the great backing vocals of Pe and, without forgetting an amazing f***ing job on bass with some great f***ing parts! Penas & Jabo are doing a great f***ing job on guitars with a f***ing flawless composition totally f***ing outstanding with a lot of catchy parts and a diversified f***ing job at the brutal creation level! Eihar with his drums is f***ing wonderful, a total f***ing demonstration of talent and tightness at every f***ing seconds also f***ing diversified as f*** in his blasts and slow parts which make it a f***ing awesome and addicting drumming! "Idolatry of the Unethical" is perfect at all f***ing levels and show us that Cerebral Effusion have their name engraved eternally on the f***ing wall of sickness since already a long f***ing time! This is a f***ing must for every f***ing brutal fans worldwide! Blasterpiece of Shit! 10/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

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Chris Williams "models" the new Sick Reviews T-shirts!
Cerebral Effusion, Brutal Death Metal from Ermua, Biscay, Basque Country, Spain

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