Monday, June 16, 2014

CD REVIEW: Failed Virgin (Tangerang) - "Beheading Reception with Vaginal Blood", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews


Formed in 2009 and after a few demos, Failed Virgin finally offer their highly f***ing anticipated full length shit baptized in the virgin's f***ing blood "
Beheading Reception with Vaginal Blood"! Failed Virgin consist of Riyan on Vocals, Ryan on Guitars, Rendy on Bass, Addo on Drums and the four Ind
onesian sickos perform a Brutal Death F***ing Metal with some marked influences to the Slamming Death Metal and this band can be compared for me to the Old Philippines scene with bands like Down from the Wound or Human Mastication but still keeping their personal touch and own f***ing insanity! Riyan did an excellent f***ing job with his f***ing inhuman guttural vocals f***ing straight out of some virgin's guts, Ryan and Rendy performs almost only f***ing great riffs and all catchy as f*** with a brutal f***ing composition, and finally Addo is doing an excellent f***ing performance on drums with his many blastbeats and changing the tempos very well including a heavier f***ing side! "Beheading Reception with Vaginal Blood" consists of 8 songs and lasts about 33 f***ng minutes and contains a primitive f***ing brutality made of an explosive way totally f***ing raw, sick and damn killer despite some rare slamming slower riffs that may appear without end but still keeping their mind f***ing insane and making this release a f***ing piece of sickness of a perfection almost reached! The production of this album is very f***ing good, I think the mixing is perfect, the sound is f***ing good and well made in every aspect of this f***ing piece of shit and the sound is not exceptional but still sounding like a bunch of f***ing sluts deflowered in the woods somewhere in Tangerang! Failed Virgin offer us a f***ing great disk enjoying from the beginning to the end and even with its parts a bit less interesting, it stay a f***ing great piece of raw brutality necessary for all f***ing sickos! Excellent Brutal F***ing Shit! 9/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

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