Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CD REVIEW - Inhuman Butchery (Chile) - "Purify Minds through Torture", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

Inhuman Butchery - Purify Minds Through Torture (Auditorial Devastation Records)

From the rotten f***ing hot bowels of Chile, Inhuman Butchery comes out with an amazing EP baptized in f***ing shit as "
Purify Minds Through Torture"! Inhuman Butchery performs a Brutal Death F***ing Metal with a f***ing raw and brute side which makes this EP a piece of shit totally f***ing sick, insane and f***ing bru
tal! Completely faithful to the f**ing roots of Brutal Death Metal, "Purify Minds Through Torture" lasts about 9 minutes containing 4 f***ing songs and the last is a bonus track from their demo single 2010 with Roberto Alarcon on Drums and the musick of Inhuman Butchery can be compared to bands like Old Internal Suffering, Sick, Old Disgorge (USA) ...! The production of this f***ing shit is damn great in an underground perspective of course, because its still in low quality but totally f***ing powerful and giving exactly the desired result, mixing well done, the sound is f***ing heavy and boosted at the maximum level, keeping it still natural sounding as if the earth was regurgitating a ton of shitty bloody f***ing guts! This EP consists of Jorge Palomino (Vocals), Cristian Zelada (Guitars), Roberto Saez (Bass), Daniel Chavez (Drums) and also Roberto Alarcon (Drums) on "Forensic Fibrosis" and these f***ing sickos are playing a Brutal Death Metal at its highest level of brutality at the musick and production part which can be f***ing shitty for some others! Jorge Palomino on vocals did a f***ing flawless job with a totally f***ing killer and enjoyable guttural vocals without f***ing boring parts, Cristian Zelada on guitars is also f***ing perfect only giving incredibly brutal riffs, a few very f***ing catchy and all are enjoyable as f*** adding to the quality of this brutal f***ing shit, Roberto Saez on bass is doing a good job with a f***ing destructive sound, Daniel Chavez and Roberto Alarcon on drums are also very good with solid f***ing blasts and a slower and slam side at their moments and we can hear some extreme insane blast of Roberto on the last song! "Purify Minds Through Torture" has all the elements to compose a f***ing perfect symbiosis of brutality with its underground side and the 4 songs f***ing insane just make this f**ing shit already a cult f***ing piece of sickness, f***ing essential for all sickheads! Sick F***ing Masterpiece of Extreme F***ing Brutality! 10/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

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