Monday, June 16, 2014

CD REVIEW: Kaluman (Bandung) - Kaluman, by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

Kaluman - Kaluman (Sevared Records)

Formed by members of Jasad, Undergod, Bleeding Corpse, Saffar, and Turbidity, Kaluman offers their self-titled debut f***ing album including 9 songs (1 instrumental) and lasting about 40 f***ing minutes! The band performs a Brutal Death F***ing Metal with a big Death Metal side and we can hear some influences to bands like Dying Fetus or their compatriots Absolute Defiance! Kharisma Kamal Nurdin (Vocals), Ferli Suferli (Guitar), Daniel Lesmana (Guitar), Adrian Fauzan Rahman (Bass), Asep Rosidin (Drums) are the legendary quintet of Kaluman and doing a good f***ing job on several aspects of their f***ing brutal musick! The production of Kaluman is f***ing great, the mixing is f***ing excellent perhaps less on the side of drums but still not unbearable, totally f***ing killer sound with a very present bass making it a f***ing heavy recording and sounding like a f***ing ton of dynamites! Musically, Kaluman is still f***ing good with a vocals well done, maybe a bit redundant but still f***ing enjoyable, The bass and guitars riffs are very f***ing good at several parts but can be very f***ing annoying and repetitive in many other places and the drums in general is f***ing great at all levels! In my opinion, the songs would have been much f***ing better by cutting them of the half time thus eliminating f***ing repetitive, generic and boring moments, but we can also find a big number of great f***ing parts and the 2 greatest songs are the both already appeared on their demo 2012 "Altar Prostitusi" and "Membusuk Menjadi Sampah" that are f***ing enjoyable in their entirety! Kaluman is recommended for the real passionate of death metal because for the others, its not a disk to put in priority by its big lacks of brutality! Not Bad Fu***ng Release! 5/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sck of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind written permission.]

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