Sunday, June 1, 2014

METAL HISTORY: Discoresis band (Surabaya death-metal) (1999-2003)

See video for DISCORESIS - "Metallenium Cannibalism" [RIP]
@ Surabaya In Flames (September 2003)
MP 3format:

DISCORESIS [1999-2003] was:
Amroy - vocalist [now Venduzor vocals]
Faizal - guitar
Daniel - drums [now Thirsty Blood / Valerian keyboards]
Abink - bass [now Difteria Radical drums].

Facebook contact: Faizal Fahmi
Dhinnie (left) (Valerian road manager / Allegrea vocalist) and Daniel Natjaard (drummer Discoresis 1999-2003, now Valerian keyboardist)

Daniel Natjaard (drummer, Discoresis 1999-2003), now Valerian keyboardist.. Daniel is seen here promoting the debut EP of the Bangkalan, Madura band Sickles called Series Elite Disaster.

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