Thursday, June 19, 2014

METAL HISTORY: Rotten Corpse (Malang) vocalist picture 1997 - Aryev "Gobell" Budiman

Aryev "Gobel" Budiman sedang beraksi bersama Rotten Corpse di salah satu metalfest Surabaya 1997. Although Bandung has the biggest and best death-metal scene in Indonesia now when you talk to the older metalheads, even in Bandung, they will say how, before Bandung, Malang had the first great scene of Indonesia death-metal and Rotten Corpse was a scene leader. The band was formed in 1995, split-up in 2001 and reformed in 2013. Another legendary old band to reform in 2013 was Injected Sufferage from Bandung.

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