Monday, June 23, 2014

NEWS: Dhinie appointed new road manager for Valerian (Surabaya power-metal)

Dhinie (left) with Daniel, Valerian keyboardist (Surabaya power-metal). As well as being the road manager Dhinie will add female vocals to two or three Valerian songs scheduled to appear on the new album.
Left to Right: Daniel (Valerian keyboards), Edo (Valerian bassist), temporary guitarist & Dimas (Valerian guitarist) @ Surabaya, December 2012
Left to Right: Temporary guitarist, Daniel (Valerian keyboards), Edo (Valerian bassist), Verrel (Valerian drummer), Ridwan (Valerian vocalist) & Dimas (Valerian guitarist)
Daniel singing @ Valerian show, Universitas Brawijaya Malang, December 2012. Ridwan is wearing the white shirt.
Left to Right: Ridwan, Dimas & Verrel (drummer) @ Universitas Brawijaya Malang, December 2012
Surabaya Power Speed Community @ Surabaya featuring members of Valerian, Devarock & Lentera plus Niza (Vocalist Climaxeth / Osiris) (first on left, front row) and Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine) (first on right, back row), December 2012
Left to Right: Dimas (Valerian), Yahnes (Tenggorokan), Yudi (Sereignos) & vocalist Inhuman Suffering @ Babe Studio, Kediri, 25 January 2014
Dimas (Valerian) and Yahnes (Tenggorokan) @ Kediri, 25 January 2014
Left to Right: Yahnes (Tenggorokan), Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine) & Dimas (Valerian) @ Dhoho Plaza, Kediri, 25 January 2014
Ridwan (Valerian vocalist) & Jack Frost (Busuk Webine) @ Surabaya, December 2012. Ridwan is one of the most emotional and passionate power-metal vocalists I have ever heard. His style is melodic and operatic whilst also being rough and dirty-sounding. He is not a young guy (46-years-old) and it's great he has a chance to succeed in the metal world this time playing with the younger boys of Valerian.
Left to Right: Jack Frost, Verrel (Valerian drummer), Harman (Valerian guitarist) & Dimas (Valerian guitarist) @ Anthrax Tribute Night, Colour's Pub, Surabaya, January 2014. The guitarist for the Anthrax Tribute Show on this night was the Surabaya scene legend Mr Samier of Tengkorak.

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