Thursday, June 12, 2014

PICTURE GALLERY: Yuli Jasad (Bandung Death Metal)

Aris From Mojokerto (left), Aris' son (centre), and Yuli, bassist of Jasad (right). Yuli is the quiet guy in Jasad and he can be very funny at times such as when his message to fans in Jasad interview for Busuk Webzine was "love your Mom". He has been an important member of Jasad for a long time (since 1990 in fact). Yuli appeared on the albums Witness of Perfect Torture (2001), Annihilate the Enemy (2005), and Rebirth of Jatisunda (2013). On one of the old CDs I believe he is listed as "John" but I guess this name never caught on.
The old Jasad. Left to Right: Dani ("Papap") (drums), Man (vocals), Yuli (bass), and Ferly (guitar) @ Papap's house, Ujungbronx, 26 February 2011.
Yuli rehearsing in Papap's house, 26 February 2011
Ferly (Jasad & Kaluman), Abaz (Undergod, Kaluman & Jasad), and Popo (Demons Damn) fooling around @ Extend Studio, Ujungbronx, October 2011
The new Jasad. Left to Right: Ferly (guitar), Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine), Abaz (drums) & Yuli (bass) @ Extend Studio, Ujungbronx, October 2011. Man was busy this night and was not present at Extend Studio.
JASAD live in MOJOKERTO BODY CONTACT #8 8 JUNI 14 (thanks to Arise Cavalera for this picture)

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