Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CD REVIEW: Euphegenia (Las Vegas, USA) - "Telexistent Depravity", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

Euphegenia - Telexistent Depravity (New Standard Elite)

Euphegenia have emerged from two other bands in Las Vegas to offer us this outstanding f***ing virulent hearing virus called "Telexistent Depravity"! Euphegenia is Jeremiah Blue Jensen (Guttural Secrete) on Vocals, Randall James Thompson (Guttural Secrete) on Guitars/Bass, Richard Anthony Nunez (Cerebral Incubation) on Drums and the trio are performing an Experimental Brutal Death F***ing Metal with a progressive aspect and a small technical side making "Telexistent Depravity" a f***ing piece totally unique with an inspired f***ing songwriting! This band can still be compared with f***ing bands like Wormed, Dripping including a f***ing raw side as Guttural Secrete with even a small influence from old Origin at some points and all this f***ing mix gives us Euphegenia and the beauty of this shitty f***ing disk is to not doing the mistake like most of bands trying to explore a more experimental side and totally losing the shitty brutality at the same time, Euphegenia is all about a Brutal Death Metal in a very damn innovative, effective and f***ing sick way! The production of this total f***ing shit is generally very f***ing good, mixing well done but maybe is missing at the bass level that is not really there maybe had to the large presence of vocals in the mixing, but despite it, the sound of this release is totally f***ing killer and it sounds really like a tons f***ing virtual f***ing bricks! 4 songs and 18 f***ing minutes of pure f***ing brutality, this EP is f***ing enjoyable from A to Z with its catchy riffs in large numbers completely f***ing awesome and original, some of the best vocals ever recorded and a perfect performance on drums! The only downside of this album is to have a few rare riffs a little less enjoyable and a little bit weak but in general, the diversity and quality of this f***ing shit make us quickly forget the negative! "Telexistent Depravity" is an unique crazy f***ing piece of Brutal Death Metal that managed to be f***ing innovative and experimental without losing their f***ing balls, this is a f***ing must for all shitty f***ing sickos! Creative F***ing Piece of Wonderful Shitty Brutality! 9/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

Busuk Webzine would like to wish Mr Andrew Sick all the best for his birthday and keep on churning out these fine informative reviews.

Andrew Sick (left) with friend in Quebec, Canada, 1999. Nobody knows Brutal Death Metal like Andrew Sick!
Mr Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews (Quebec, Canada). We are very happy to have the rights to publish his reviews here on Busuk Webzine.

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