Sunday, July 13, 2014

CD REVIEW: Intricated (Bangkok, Thailand) - "Swallowed the Undead Parasites", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

Intricated (Thailand) - Swallowed the Undead Parasites (Self-Released)

From Bangkok (Thailand), Intricated are back with a new promo f***ing faithful to their great f***ing brutality entitled "
Swallowed the Undead Parasites"! This 2 songs promo of about 9 minutes is all about Brutal Death F***ing Metal well mixing the faster and slower parts with a personal technical f***ing touch created in a complete sick
f***ing way! Panyawat on vocals is just f***ing awesome making us addicted to his f***ing great shitty guttural vox, Jeeraset on guitars with his sick f***ing riffs is doing an amazing f***ing job by multiplying the catchy riffs and making the 2 songs f***ing enjoyable, Wasumit also having his moments of glory at the bass with many f***ing excellent parts and the production helping him to show his brutal f***ing skills and finally, Pratchya on drums is very diverse and totally f***ing brutal and exceptional in all conceivable f***ing aspects! The production of this promo is not perfect but still f***ing good with an excellent mixing and a f***ing killer sound perhaps lacking a bit of power and punch, but is still a f***ing success! Intricated has launched a piece of f***ing shit of an amazing f***ing quality with a variety of musical highlights and you can also find in the nine f***ing brutal minutes some parts a little bit more boring but f***ing quickly forgotten! "Swallowed the Undead Parasites" is a f***ing great CD greatly recommended for all real f***ing sick in the dick f***ers and with this f***ing piece of sickness, Intricated show us again their important place into the Brutal Death Metal f***ing scene! Excellent F***ing Shit! 8/10 [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

Intricated - brutal death-metal band from Bangkok, Thailand

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