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INTERVIEW: Interview with Jamie Bailey of Brodequin (Knoxville TN, USA death-metal), by Andrew Sick (2002)

Introduction: The Brodequin was an instrument of torture design to destroy the victim's legs by driving wedges of woods or steel in-between the legs and boards tied tightly around them. In some case the damage was so severe the marrow of the bones would flow freely from the wounds. Finding inspiration from deep within the walls of the torture chamber and many inquisitions, Brodequin has unearthed a time forgotten with thousands of people were mutilated and killed in the name of Christianity. 

Andrew Sick (interviewer)
SICK - Can you tell us the story and the concept of Brodequin for those who doesn't know it? 

JAMIE - The concept of the band is pretty much exclusively based on mid-evil torture/execution techniques, the people who used them and why, also the result of what happened after they were used. We try to portray that image in the lyrics and artwork that we use, as well as the ferocity of the music. 

SICK - Congratulation for the incredible ''Festival of Death'' album (and the last one too), what was your goal concerning this album? 

JAMIE - Thank you, we were trying to push it a little farther than we had on the first album (Instruments of Torture) by making the songs faster and more complex, unfortunately a lot of the guitar work does not come out on the recording, there are some really intricate riffs that are only noticeable live. 

SICK - Did you have success with this album? How many, approximately, have been sold until now? 

JAMIE - We have done pretty well with ''Festival of Death'' and it has sold nearly 10,000 so far...So we are all excited about that, the main response has been to the speed of this album compared to the first, but the new material we have been working on is much superior than the last. 

SICK - How is going the making of Brodequin third album? Can you tell us, if possible, when it will be release? 

JAMIE - Everything is going great, the writing process is going very smooth, and at the moment we have 3 new songs done, which in my opinion are better than the material on the last album, it looks like we will be releasing in this summer 2003. 

SICK - Can we expect it to be in the same path as ''Festival of Death''? 

JAMIE - Yes for the most part it is as far as the lyrical concept goes, the music is faster and better. I think the structures are a lot more complete and memorable, than what we did on ''Festival of Death''. 

SICK - Personally, I love really much the lyrics. Who's writing it? And where's the idea of speaking about a subject as interesting as torture comes from? 

JAMIE - Thanks, I write all of the lyrics and the subject matter comes from me being a big history fan, I read a lot of books dealing with all aspects of history, but mid-evil history is one of my favorite time periods and I have always been interested in torture and its effects socially, politically, and on the personal level. So I thought it would be great subject to write about and fit perfectly with our music. 

SICK - Unfortunately, all the fans received the bad news about the departure of Chad Walls. What was the main reason for him to quit a band as brilliant as Brodequin? and who will replaced him? 

JAMIE - Well, Mike (Guitar) fired Chad, It came pretty much from a writing standpoint Mike felt like he couldn't work with Chad anymore and it was really starting to effect the whole picture so he needed to be replaced. Our new drummer is Jon engman from Milwaukee Wisconsin, he's extremely talented and fits in the band perfectly. 

SICK - Can we hope that he will be as efficient and as fast than Chad? 

JAMIE - Oh yes, he's a very fast drummer, the new material is faster than anything on our first 2 albums, we are really looking forward to releasing the next cd with Jon. 

SICK - We are impress in the label, ''Unmatched Brutality Records''. Explain to us why Brodequin have decide to have his own label and in which aim? 

JAMIE - Mike (Guitar) runs the label and I help out with whatever, he had been thinking about it for a while and then it just seemed natural to release our cd on the label. So now he has some really good bands on his label and more on the way, he does a real good job of getting his cd's out there which had been a problem for us in the past with other labels. 

SICK - Do you have a specific style of music for your label? 

JAMIE - Well, yes and no ''Unmatched Brutality Records'' primarily deal with Brutal Death Metal, but at the same time if a killer gore-grind band or just as good of a chance of being signed as the Brutal Death bands. 

SICK - Can you talk to us about your ''side-project'' with Cinerary? Who asked you to be a part of this band? 

JAMIE - I had been friend with Matti (Disgorge) for a couple of years before ''Cinerary'' got together, when they did he asked me to do some backing vocals for the cd. After that I kind of fell into playing bass for them. 

SICK - Can we expect a new album for ''Cinerary''? If there is, will it be in the same path than ''Rituals of Desecration''? 

JAIME - Yeah, new material is still being written for the next ''Cinerary'' release which will be in the same path as the first one, although I'm not sure when the next cd will be recorded we are still working that out. 

SICK - You have done a fabulous work for the ''Disgorge'' tour, How have you found the experience of touring with them? 

JAMIE - Thanks a lot, the tour was great I had the chance to play with one of my favorite bands, meet a lot of cool people, and all of those guys were great to hang out with. It was really cool to see people come out to the shows wearing ''Brodequin'' shirts it was cool support for me and I really appreciated that. As far as the shows in the U.S. and Canada, the Canadian shows were intense! I cant wait to get back up to Canada with Brodequin this time!!! 

SICK - In conclusion, we wish you an immense success with your third album, you and Mike really deserved it and we all hope to see you on tour in Quebec! 

JAMIE - Thanks a lot for the interview I really appreciate it!!! And when we come to Quebec i hope to see you there!

[Jack Frost note: This interview dates from 2002 and is used here with the kind written permission of Andrew Sick. The interview was first published for the Shrine of Echoes magazine. Andrew is actively promoting the idea of a Brodequin reunion.]

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