Wednesday, August 13, 2014

VIDEO: The Cruel @ Beerhouse Lucky Square, Bandung

Butche of The Cruel - metalhead and punk, scene legend of Bandung Underground

Published on Apr 1, 2014
Butche Mario - Vocal
Anz Fusionelic - Guitar
Zabier - Guitar
Gerry - Drum

Popo Demons Damn and Butche (The Cruel) @ Common Room Network Foundation, Bandung, April 2012
Back in Cicaheum: Popo Demons Damn, Butche, Jack Frost, and friend, January 2014
Butche home in Cicaheum recovering from a long night of going crazy!
Good Times in Bandung. Left to Right: Popo Demons Damn, Bobby Hydro, Jack Frost, Butche (The Cruel), Zemo (red-and-black jacket) and Aries (Kaluman), January 2014
Bobby Hydro (left) shares a joke with Butche (right) and Jack Frost looks on.
A picture of the Butche family, exclusive to Busuk Webzine, and used here with the kind permission of Butche

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