Sunday, September 14, 2014

METAL HISTORY: KISS @ London Bridge, United Kingdom, May 1976 + fan pics taken at the same location

As a young boy back in the 70's I made it a point to buy every single Kiss magazine. I would read those articles over and over. I would study the pictures very closely and hope someday to meet my heros of Rock!
Back in 1993 I was visiting London England. As we were crossing the bridge by Big Ben I vividly remember that Kiss picture from 1976 with the band on the bridge. Paul Stanley was standing on the rail and holding part of the light pedestal. So, without hesitation I jumped up on the rail and asked for my picture to be taken.
Never in a million years would I ever guess that after getting the pictures developed that I would be standing exactly where Paul Stanley was and holding on the exact light pedestal. I think there were four pedestal posts for each light. My hand was "exactly" where Paul's was. Standing up there and knowing Gene, Ace and Peter were standing just below.
Heck, even the same metal grate on the sidewalk that Gene was standing on was right there in my picture.
So that picture was taken 18 years after they were there getting their picture. It is now 39 years latter and the memory is just as fresh now as it was then.
My next bucket list is getting my picture taken in New York where the band was standing against the pole for the Dressed To Kill album cover.
By Tully Garrett on 70s Kiss Facebook group [used with permission]
KISS @ Heathrow Airport, 10 May 1976
KISS @ Buckingham Palace, 10 May 1976

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