Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NEWS: New vokalis Fauzan (ex-Jagal) joins Osiris band (Sidoarjo death-metal)

Osiris on stage @ Lamongan Death Fest. Fauzan (ex-Jagal) is the new vocalist replacing Niza. Dwi Yudha (bassist) tells me that the band is working on some new material. I know they were very shocked when Niza left the band in the first half of 2014 so it is good to see them regroup and recover.
One Day in Bangkalan. Left to Right. Top row: Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine), Niza (ex-Osiris/ Climaxeth), Arie (Sickles), Rony (Sickles) & Haidir (Sickles). Bottom row: Rizal Nur Rokhim (Osiris/ Hithead) & Dwi Yudha (Osiris) @ Bangkalan, Madura, 27/1/2014.
One Night in Sidoarjo. Left to Right: Rizal Nur Rokhim (Hithead/ Osiris), Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine), Dwi Yudha (Osiris), Agus Adox (Overdeath) & Sidx Full @ Sidoarjo, 27/1/2014.
Dimas Bramantyo (Valerian Guitarist) (left) & Niza (ex-Osiris/ Climaxeth) @ Surabaya, December 2012
Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine) (left) & Niza (ex-Osiris/ Climaxeth) @ Surabaya, December 2012

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