Wednesday, October 8, 2014

CD REVIEW: Veiyadra (Japan) - "Gehenna", by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews

Veiyadra - Gehenna (Bloodcurdling Enterprise)

Brutal Death F***ing Metal at its highest f***ing level mixing technical, slam and adding a progressive touch by including all brutal genre is how we can describe this ingenious f***ing band baptized in the unholy shit Veiyadra! The band consists of Akihiro Muto on Vocals, Go Shimada on Guitars, Reichi Tanaka on Bass, Koju Okayasu on Drums and the f***
ing sick Japanese quartet give us an impressive and totally f***ing amazing debut album "Gehenna" which will take you down to the damned depths of hell enduring the suffering of this shitty abomination and you will never forget this moment for a period of 50 f***ing minutes that will remains engraved in the torturing f***ing history of Brutal Death Metal! The production of this golden f***ing shit is just f***ing perfection, flawless mixing, a totally f***ing disgusting sound with instruments sounding in a brutal f***ing way, f***ing enjoyable sound of drums, a very present bass, a f***ing great guitar tone are adding a f***ing quality to this demonic f***ing achievement! "Gehenna" is a pure f***ing piece of brutality defecated by the devil himself and divided into 12 f***ing acts of perverse suffering (one instrumental intro) giving us an unforgettable f***ing time of sickness with the brilliant compositions, diversity and exploring the musical styles of the brutality but staying f***ing true and pure to the f***ing roots of Brutal Death Metal! Akihiro with his guttural is completely f***ing awesome, diverse and very f***ing brutal making us damn addicted, the riffs of Go are just f***ing great, catchy, sick as f*** with a flawless composition, Reichi on bass is f***ing amazing with many great f***ing parts helped by the production making his work f***ing huge and finally Koju with a perfect drumming, f***ing creative but remaining in the brutal line of insanity! Veiyadra prove their ingenuity in the shitty genre and that its still possible to make f***ing pure Brutal Death Metal while being original and sounding like a f***ing bomb of disgusting f***ing shit without having a weak shiny f***ing production! Every moment of "Gehenna" are fucking vital, important and are a symbiosis between them delivering a diabolical horrifying fucking atmosphere! A perfect f***ing release at all shitty levels and so f***ing good that it seems to last 20 f***ing minutes instead 50, a real f***ing must and necessary shit to all brutal fans! One of the Best Brutal F***ing Shit Out from Japan! 10/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind written permission.]

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