Sunday, October 26, 2014

FEATURE: Addy Gembel (Forgotten vocalist) and Jack Frost name their top ten rock songs

Jack Frost (Busuk Webzine), Popo Demons Damn & Addy Gembel @ Bandung, 29 November 2012
Addy Gembel (Forgotten vocalist) favorite top 10 rock songs
10 intro lagu rock paling berkesan dalam hidup saya :
1. Smoke on the water - Deep Purple
2.Sweet Child o' mine - GNR
3.Back in black - AC/DC
4.Honky tonk woman -Rolling Stones
5.We will rock you - Queen
6.Final Count down - Europe
7.Iron man - Black Sabbath
8.Kick start my heart - Motley Crue
9.Rock bergema - Roxx
10. Kehidupan - God Bless

(Addy's favourite from Jack's list: Still lovin' you - Scorpions)

[Addy's list is used here with permission of Addy Gembel]

Jack Frost top 10 rock songs (note: this list excludes punk songs)
1 Still lovin' you - Scorpions
2 Every rose has its thorn  Poison
3 Living after midnight - Judas Priest
4 Gypsy road - Cinderella
5 Wind of change - Scorpions
6 You shook me all night long - AC/DC
7 Long way to the top - AC/DC
8 Long live rock 'n' roll - Rainbow
9 Rock 'n' roll all nite - KISS
10 New york groove - Ace Frehley
(Jack's favourite from Addy's list: Sweet child o' mine - GNR)
To all those young brootall guys and girls who think we should only listen to brootal musick, don't be so stupid!

Back in the New York Groove - Ace Frehley spotted in New York City, September 2014
Forgotten (Bandung) band picture, 1997 Future Syndrome era. Left to Right: Addy Gembel (voc), Kudung (drums), Toteng (guitar), Kardun (bass) & Ferly (guitar). Terima-kasih Ferly Jasad for posting this picture and Glenn Bloodgush for identifying the date & band members.

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