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INTERVIEW: John Yoedi Very Last Interview (Carnivore DIPROSOPUS)

John: Hello friend, how are you? Thank you first for accepting this interview. Hope you are fine there. I felt very happy when I heard their new album "Condemned by the Alliance" and then decided to review busuk takes Webzine Blog. How are things in this moment DIPROSOPUS Carnivore?
CD: Hi John Yoedi first of all thank you and busuk webzine for this interview for us Indonesian scene is one of the most brutal in the world, we have many followers there.
Regarding today Carnivore DIPROSOPUS the moment we are responding this interview we are preparing what will be our concert next to Disgorge USA here in Spain, we are excited to share the stage with a living legend of brutal death metal level world, on the other hand our new album has been very well received with excellent reviews and comments from the fans, recently successfully conducted our European tour "Condemning Europe Tour" unforgettable.
John: First. I would start talking about Condemned by the alliance, I know it has been released in February 2013, is full of creativity and ideas. What was the starting point for 'this new album?
CD: First of all the first thing you have to define is when there actually was a real starting point, because it was very difficult, there were several lineups before this, several new songs that were later discarded were made but all that is part of the process involved form a solid lineup to create new material, and the time came when we did songs with that if we looked a good material for the new album Carnivore I'd say there were several points of departure, the new alignment, at which time compositions became more solid, the moment when everything finally materialized into a disc and "Condemned by the Alliance" was a reality for us, it was not an easy road and so they started from scratch several times but in the end the result was overwhelming the effort was worth it.
John: How has the response been to Condemned by the alliance? Have you received bad reviews from the media or fans so far?

CD: Fortunately all the reviews and criticism on condemned by the Alliance have been very good, the album has been very well received by fans and editors from magazines etc webzines, anyway think that when there is a bad review is because something failure and work to fix it but so far Condemned by the Alliance has had very good ratings by critics and are very pleased with it.
John: Are you satisfied with the previous material or there are certain things you would like to have changed?
CD: Of course very pleased and foremost grateful to the implementation and results of our previous work, thanks to them Carnivore DIPROSOPUS consolidated the start of a very serious way and very professional in extreme music, without them we would not have evolved musically, without them we would not have managed to grow as a band, thanks to our previous work "Condemned by the Alliance" would not change anything in our previous work arises.
John: What is the main difference, but also similarities between 'Condemned by the Alliance and Madhouse Macabre acts?
CD: The quality of a powerful and excellent sound captured Condemned by the Alliance makes all the difference. As similar things; our essence, our style, our attitude to the composition is a composition full of a lot of variability and versatility, always have in mind to avoid flat spots and very long, Condemned by the Alliance is a child evolved macabre acts Madhouse's 2006.
John: There was a period of eight years between the recording of the macabre madhouse acts and condemned by the Alliance. What you do during this time? And how come it has taken so long?
CD: At first it was a long process and this occurred for various reasons, Oscar Macías emigrated vocalist Colombia to Spain, but unfortunately through no fault of the band issues other musicians Carnivore DIPROSOPUS at that time could not be established in this country and Oscar was established in Spain only to recruit musicians to continue the work of the band, it was almost starting from scratch, there were several alignments, various concerts and several attempts to start writing a new album but keep a solid line is not easy, some musicians Vivian away, was very difficult to test frequently, and also spend time in the band even had concerts and was invited to festivals such as the mountains of death, death feast Ludwigshafen death fest etc not achieved even start composing an album again when we finally got a solid lineup with musicians living in the city of Madrid who were Brigadier Wilson on drums, Nacho Rondon on the other guitar, Oscarnivore vocals on guitar and start the writing process of the album, we still had no bearish but we had sometimes in collaboration with Alfonso Mejia a Colombian musician based in Germany with bands like Cromlech in Colombia, including torso, at that time we were also invited to major concerts as neurotic death fest, fest brut logos, Madrid mosh party etc, then establish ourselves musically and feel we were well-matched and began the composition of the disk, a process that was also long and arduous, with many test trials composed songs which are then discarded, we wanted to take the time to compose a good record and it all come down to the smallest detail, the wait was worth the end result left us very satisfied, bass recording was made by Alfonso Mejia as a session musician and had the participation of some musician friends in parts of our disk as Fabio Marin Internal Suffering voices in creation of a sadistic empire, Andres Lopez of my plague Colombia with riffs and colossal destruction of GORETRADE Vera cease with the final song on the album called carnivore command rebellion total band seven years have passed since the great acts macabre madhouse album but here again this carnivore friend !!!!
John: If you do not mind, would you like to tell us briefly about the history of the band? And what made you join to form Carnivore DIPROSOPUS?
CD: In 2002, inspired by the Death Metal and foremost in the Brutal Death Metal Americano in Bogota Colombia I organize with other musicians, I launch and training band Carnivore DIPROSOPUS at the end of that year we recorded our first Demo-CD "Tortured Ninphomaniac "in 2003 we recorded our second demo CD" Sick nurse ", in 2004 we recorded our first album" filled my stomach with a pregnant Corpse "under the seal Colombian Gore and blood production, in 2006 we recorded our second album" Madhouse macabre acts "under the label Spanish Dan’s crypt Records in November 2007 for many circumstances travel to Madrid / Spain and I undertake the project of re organize and establish the band in Europe, having worked with several musicians, unable to establish a definite line -Up in September 2010 can be said to begin was the best band in Europe when we met with that is the last line-up; Andrew (Guitar), Wilson (Drums) and José Ignacio (Guitar), with this line-up we create and we capture "Condemned by the Alliance."

John: The band was formed in 2002 and since the band was formed so far has made ​​2 Demo and 3 full albums. That is awesome. How do you manage to fit things and do the job? As we know it must be very hard trying to record an album together with a new line up and so often.
CD: From the moment of birth DIPROSOPUS Carnivore, I had very definite idea what was working and the way forward with this band, Carnivore DIPROSOPUS is a way of life, something that is very important part of me in my existence, something that I have clung to the world's largest conviction, any obstacle that stands in the way of this band create frustration, doubt or suspicion to continue this work forward. On the contrary the musician who is part of this band should have a growth mindset and projection, ever-ascending, always positive as musicians and as people, cost consolidate a line-up to implement the same thought, but ultimately the work of many years and believe in the projection of this band, they have helped achieve a very important result.
John: This new album DIPROSOPUS Carnivore is published by Sevared Records that I know Sevared Records is great seal for extreme metal bands worldwide. And they also have an excellent distribution system. How far will the contract be signed? Units will continue working with Sevared Records for the next album? Or are considering looking for other labels.
CD: We have signed with Barret just for this album "Condemned by the alliance" at this time we have started the process of creation and composition of what will be our fourth album, and this new work does not yet have a record label.
John: And where seals have thought? For all we know the two previous albums were recorded under the gore and blood productions and stamps and crypt records.
CD: They are very different times we lived 10 years ago we are convinced that never misses a label interested in get a good proposal, but calmly have time to make a good decision.
John: The design of the cover of the new and very sick fucking amazing album ... I really like. Tony Koehl is a great artist and if he did a good job on this cover art. How many designs had to change up to this?
CD: If a friend is true design Tony Koehl to become awesome, he's a great artist in the world of extreme metal and we had confidence that the design that created for the condemned by the Alliance would be the final, there was no other covers before that, this was the first that we design, there were some changes in it but the cover art was always the same and that was the final for our album, I want to mention also that the charge of the promotion of the album designs, shirts, stickers the logo of the band, the layout of the disc all this was done by Richard Montenegro Rich Insane Designs in Bogota Colombia who made magic with cover designed by Tony Koehl and brutal photographs taken by our friend living here in Madrid Miguel Under Galindo Photography all masterfully done their work and the results were excellent designs in everything that has to do with promoting Condemned by the Alliance.
John: And what importance you having the cover art should be some synergy between art and music create?
CD: It is very important to me because art is commissioned to create and visually arousing the sensations that music transmits.

John: You want to tell us, what equipment used to record and if they use the same amplifier, guitar etc for live shows? Can you explain to us about this?
CD: Well in the case of Condemned by the Alliance you can see the marks of the equipment used in the recording of the album are printed on the layout of the disc and quality issues used equipment t-rex studies was the study we recorded in Madrid and some our, for concert use computers which are normally played in the rehearsal room that are ours, for reasons of logistics travel is difficult to bring the big teams and use those provided by at concerts, so as you can see it's a big change in a matter of which team is what we use because we can not always use the same, for that matter always prepare us for whatever equipment we use at concerts sound always is the most similar as possible to the sound that I capture to disk, we have equalization patterns and styles of speech sound battery etc that are always in use and so far the results concerts have been satisfactory.
John: Well Condemned by the sound of the Alliance is very powerful. How long have you been working on it?
CD: The period of creation, composition and making of the album Condemned by the Alliance was exactly 2 years. September 2010 to September 2012.
John: Who is responsible for writing the lyrics and music concept for DIPROSOPUS Carnivore?
CD: The subject and writing the lyrics I've done in the 3 discs, the concept that defines our style of extreme music, respecting and maintaining a line of succession from one disk to another I have driven equally from the beginning, the work of creation and musical composition is conducted jointly by all the musicians.
John: All band members contribute ideas on composition topics DIPROSOPUS Carnivore? or did you have a uniform concept from the music control.
CD: In musical terms DIPROSOPUS Carnivore always in the composition process is done by all members of the band, all contribute ideas and structure the new songs on this work together.
John: Your music is very diverse. Not only a blast beat, breakdowns, and a line of continuous riffs from start to finish. In your opinion makes a death metal song is completely good?
CD: In my opinion a good Death Metal song must have musical variety, the variety of rhythms brings different atmospheres to music, and when you go to a festival of Death Metal can enjoy many kinds of subgenres of death metal bands with different sounds and, depending of the genre find fast parts, parts slam slow parts, solos, dubbed voices or choruses, technical parts, all that is enjoyed differently and makes you spend a bit of good music and brutality, if everyone were the same rhythms the same rate as would become monotonous.
John: Describe each; the sound of his instrument and bands influenced them to get to the current style
CD: Each of the musicians DIPROSOPUS Carnivore, Wilson, Andrew, Nacho and Paul come to work on different projects and many bands have had the opportunity to work and master their instruments with genres like Old School Death Metal, Trash Metal, heavy Metal, Black Metal etc. By joining Carnivore DIPROSOPUS each evolved his instrument to the path of Brutal Death Metal more technical and heavy, so how they got that batteries are intense and unceasing discharge ultra fast drums and triggers -aplastantes turning the engine sound of this machine, the guitars are quite heavy, varied and always clean, the bass sound is overwhelmingly dense and heavy, for my part I managed to evolve guttural album after album, getting an incredible result in our last album. We influence by classic Death metal bands and some new bands and technical brutal death metal.
John: What do you think of busuk Webzine ( In busuk Webzine, we are trying to use two languages: English and Indonesian language, plus we are also trying to update the news and make reviews of new discs coming to market.
CD: We immensely highlight the work you do know very well how difficult and tough it is to stay in the underground, your country is and will always be a great reference brutality in Asia and the world therefore appreciate the fact that you do get your job and be an ambassador for your country of extreme music worldwide, we are proud to reach the people of your country through your webzine.
John:  You have a lot of gigs to come and should be something that takes time for you and the rest of the band. Concerts often do you give? Or only on special occasions?
CD: Thanks to the good results obtained by our last album but fortunately emerged concerts expected to carry the promotional tour, we tried to perform the vast majority of concerts in certain time of year but the invitations were extended for longer, despite our work commitments we are always willing and happy to make all the concerts that arise anywhere until now can proudly say we have made all shows where we're invited, we never have excuses for missing a show I agreed.
John: And how is the public reaction when they're playing live? What has been your best gig so far?
CD: Fortunately, the public reaction has been excellent in every concert promotion drive, this new line-up have worked to have a very good live performance, leaving a show with which people enjoy from beginning to end, something varied and musical quality, the best shows? Hard to pick, every concert we do have had their own magic and connection with the audience, fortunately always support us and go crazy at concerts is amazing !!!
John: Do you listen to other genres of metal at all? If so, what bands / artists? And give us top ten albums of Brutal Death Metal in your favorites?
CD: As musicians we are, we always have an open mind towards music and genres of metal, brutal death metal besides also hear bands like Pantera, Messhugah, Witchcraft, Motorhead, Slayer, among others, our top 10 Diprosopus Carnivore and besides being our favorites have they come to influence our music are:
No specific order:
-Internal BLEEDING "Voracious CONTEMPT"
-CANNIBAL CORPSE "Tomb of the Mutilated"
-DISGORGE "Cranial Impalement"

John: Well, thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. Good luck DIPROSOPUS Carnivore '. Do you have any message for death freaks!!!!

CD: Personal circumstances this interview responded after the untimely death of our friend and brother John Yoedi we feel very honored and proud to have had the opportunity to meet this great man, a Legionary of Indonesian brutality in hope and work to have the opportunity to bring our show and expose the brutal Indonesian and step John Yoedi honor for his great work with extreme music in his homeland until forever friend and brother!!!!

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