Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Interview with Corey Athos, Vocalist from Blackened Death Metal Band from Florida, CA, USA - GOAT WITH A THOUSAND YOUNG

Hi bro welcome again on a spot on Busuk Webzine. Now you are in a new band now called Goats With A Thousand Young. Who came up with the band? Can you tell us who else is in the band and what part do they play?

First off I want to thank you Michael for the interview. It's much appreciated. Goat with a thousand young stems from the necronomicon, shub-niggurath, which means Black goat in the forest with a thousand young. Andrew is the bassist and primary song writer, Carlos is the lead guitarist, Tim is the second guitarist, Juan is the session drummer, and I am the vocalist/lyricist.

So how do you have time with this band and others. Is that right you are in 10 other bands or is that a rumour?

Yes I am in 10 different bands. I work on two at a time besides goat with a thousand young and flesh consumed. Those I work year around. Whatever your passion is you make time for it regardless if it's 5 min or 5 hours. The passion drives you!

Can you name all the bands you are in lol?

Fuck. Haha here we go.. Flesh consumed, goat..,hydrocephalic, slave to the underworld, ominous gatekeeper, endless misery, torturous, funeral rust, abyss.

Thanks bro, are you the vocalist in every band?

No, I play guitar, bass, program drums, and the songwriter for many of the bands as well as vocals of course.

Awesome bro so tell me about this split album Goat with a thousand young you are releasing with. When will the split be out for everyone to listen to?

Well the split is with an amazing band out of Houston, Texas named Uncleansed. It will be released on Ossuary Industries in which I've had the pleasure of working with Brian before. We are unsure of the release date at this moment but we are hitting the studio July 11th, so I'd say early September.
Tell me how do you write your lyrics? Do you have a brainstorm or you just doing something and or of a sudden something come into your head and say oh l must write this down.
I have a very creative, loose imagination so I sit down with a pad and paper until a theme pops in my head, usually takes about 15 min, some times immediately, sometimes in the car, etc. I write a lot of concept Lp and Eps, like the Goat With a Thousand Young split is actually concept EP. I am heavily inspired by HP Lovecraft, POE, and Clive Barker and also write short stories and poetry.

So how many songs will be on this split cd with Uncleansed?

Four songs and a possible intro and interlude, unsure of that yet.

Has Goat with a thousand youngs being doing shows in your area?

We are actually focusing on the Split at the moment,then working on a full length, by then we will have enough songs to perform shows, festivals, and tours.

Well make sure you book a spot over here in Australia and Indonesia try Soundwave here in Australia and Hammersonic in indonesia you know john would love to see you play in Indonesia one day.
Oh yeah, we would absolutely love to play and hang out with our friends in Indonesia. We love the bands, artists, zines, and fans that's come out of that country. Flesh Consumed was the last interview John RIP did and I wish I could have met him face to face. He was a good friend and insane influence on the death metal community.

Yes the last interview he published in Busuk Webzine which it is in his biography.

Oh wow, that's truly an honor to be in the same pages as John Yoedi.

What is the last cd you bought?

Bleeding Corpse - Condemned to Suffer.

Actually it was given to me by my friend Carl along with our friends DIgging Up.

Well that is good that you and Carl are still supporting bands. These days people are downloading for free these days.

I never download, I think the last time I downloaded music was skinless in 1999. I only buy music.

That is good. Well these days l just buy my music on iTunes.

Either way works.

Anyhow does Goats of a thousand young got any t-shirts produced yet? If not when will we be able to wear them and where can we buy them when they do come out?

We are actually printing four designs, posters and stickers with my friend Pur at Darkpath and possibly a shirt for the split with our friend Amy.

Awesome well let me know so I can get one.

Of course, my brother!
So are all the songs for the split cd ready to go.

The music is pretty much 100% written and the lyrics have been done for a couple months. We finish drums in the studio July 11th.

Now would you like to say anything bro to the readers out there?
I would like to thank you for one Michael for the killer interview and friendship. John Yoedi RIP without him this would not be possible, all my band mates, labels, Dee(artist), Pur, GF, friends, family, and especially the fans in Indonesia and other parts of the globe, and everyone forgotten.

Interview done on the 7th of May 2015 by Michael Mifsud.

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